Plate – buffet with complementary Boston Lobster


Carlton City Hotel near Tanjong Pagar MRT


The relatively new Carlton City Hotel located at the Tanjong Pagar area has recently launched an international buffet at Plate for just a limited time period till end September this year. Upon stepping into Carlton City, you would be greeted by a really smiley service, both at the hotel lobby and the restaurant itself. And for a pair of diners, you get one whole Boston lobster to share and that was really the exciting bit for us!


DSC_1113So I started off with the lighter Japanese section which has tofu, pickled crunchy radish, cha soba and of course the nicely made rotund sushi. Sashimi like fresh tuna and salmon were also served.

DSC_1126Just by the Japanese section, we got the really fresh seafood section that serves scallops, prawns, oysters and crayfish. I didn’t really like the crayfish as its meat didn’t have a springy consistency that I was looking forward to. The prawns were however very fresh and succulent and goes really well with wasabi and shoyu!

DSC_1115There was a section on local delights. Mutton, chicken and beef satay over here while mee goreng and yangzhou fried rice presented in a big lotus leaf nearby. The fried rice was pretty good I thought as every grain of rice was evenly coated with the lap cheong fragrance!

DSC_1125Just next to the satay, we have some black pepper flower crab. The sauce was really good and flavourful and went really well with the bread served at the soup station but the meat of the flower crab was a little too soggy for me. Not my favourite dish of the day.

DSC_1117This huge baked salmon was one of the more special and fun dishes I felt. Quite unique as I haven’t seen a whole, baked salmon before. Meat was well cooked and not dry within!


DSC_1132And then came the delicious chilli crab and cheese lobster which was so succulent and flavourful. The melted cheese was stretchy and not overly cloying while the chilli one would have been perfect if some fried mantou was served with it! Nevertheless, I would have to comment that Plate serves really good bread (just one kind though), crusty on the outside and really fluffy on the inside. I even slit an opening to stuff my ice cream into the bread, feels like a cream puff indeed!

DSC_1121The dessert section wasn’t too big either but are of pretty good standard.

On the whole, Plate does serve fresh, quality food in its buffet and I quite like the local delights served over here. Not too oily as opposed to most hawker places yet still as flavourful. The baked salmon was eye catching while the highlight – Boston Lobster was definitely delicious. However, given the stiff competition in international buffet these days, when everyone is striving to serve the freshest seafood or most flavourful cooked food, it somehow lacks in variety over here and I would have preferred The Rise over Plate for such a similar pricing ($62++ over here). Then again, it was a great Bday celebration with S!

Verdict: A good restaurant

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