Chef Yamashita – another exciting artisan Japanese bakery in Sg

Chef Yamashita

Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-44



Having co-owned Flor Patisserie for quite a while, Chef Yamashita has finally moved out to open his own confectionary which is housed in the really old Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Although this modern Japanese bakery seems to be slightly out of place in its older surrounding, it didn’t prevent them from attracting their loyal and new customers. Was there on a Sun afternoon and there was still a steady stream of customers getting cakes from them. It may be a good move to move here I think as rental at the Duxton area is definitely atrociously high.  So anyway, if you are a fan of Flor Patisserie, then you would be a fan of Chef Yamashita Japanese Artisan.

DSC_1111Got the Mt Fuji for $6.80. The sponge was so soft while the cream is so fresh and not cloying at all. I am not a fan of cream cakes but this was irresistable!

DSC_1115-001And I also got the Rikyu cake which has a fluffy and slightly dense matcha base. Matcha sponge is strongly flavored and the whole cake is just delicious!


The nice, relaxing interior.

And yes, if you were to bump into chef Yamashita’s wife at the cashier counter, she is really friendly, chatty and excitable. Service is impeccable and it felt like I was in a bakery place in Ginza all over again. You know it, when she would repeat the amount you gave her and the change that she should return before ending it with a big arigatou gozaimasu! Very happy that more and more of such patisseries are appearing in the Singapore food scene. And Chef Yamashita has really done a great job in building up Flor and Glace.


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