Kiku – Affordable set lunch


Near Tanjong Pargar MRT

Have passed by this Japanese place countless times and read that they serve slightly fusion food with some Chinese elements in it. Thought that may be interesting and so gave it a try. Met Dr T (who just passed his viva at Cambridge on Fri; Congratulations mate!!) for lunch and I got the set meal while Dr T got the soba.

kikuSo the set meal came with a chawanmushi which tasted slightly bland though the egg custard is really smooth. The otoshi/starter (bottom) tasted quite Chinese with lotus and dao key which tasted decent.

DSC_1112Got the dan dan noodles for $15 and we liked the soup. Thick, creamy and flavourful, it goes really well with the noodles. However, I thought it would have been better if the noodles could be more springy and hard.

DSC_1118I got a bara chirashi. Bowl was huge and rice was plentiful but not moist enough. It’s quite a far cry from what you get at sushi kuu although pricing is quite similar. So what I did was mix the dan dan sauce with the rice and it tasted pretty good. Feels like cai fan, when you tell the auntie to ling zhi. haha! $33.


DSC_1116And that is Dr T’s soba. Nice presentation but again tasted really bland even after dipping in the shoyu for hours.

So, yeah Kiku, a pretty cute restaurant that is in the vicinity of many other good restaurants like Flor, DOC, Sabio, this restaurant really didn’t stand out and is pretty quiet on a Sunday afternoon as only two other tables were occupied. Food over here is just above average but service is good and courteous. They would give you two bowls immediately if they were to see you share a bowl of things.

Verdict: An average restaurant.


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