Delicius Pasticceria – First overseas branch in Singapore!

Delicius Pasticceria

Lau Pa Sat near Raffles Place MRT


DSC_1149Housed in the newly refurbished Lau Pasat, Delicius Patisserie indeed doesn’t have an indoor sitting and it can get a little warm in the afternoon. However, with such delicious Japanese cakes, the weather doesn’t matter anymore. Furthermore, prices over here are evidently lower than most in town. The presentation of all these cakes and rolls really remind me of the countless patisserie take away that you always see in Japanese departmental store.

As for this cute patisserie, it is opened by award winning cake chef Suchara Nagaoka who is also the owner of Delicius from Osaka. Having known his origins, I was quite determined to try the cakes over here which are priced at about $5 each.

DSC_1146That is his signature cheesecake which feels like an in-between of a American cheese cake and the much lighter Japanese version and it was uniquely delicious.


Got the refreshing peach tart with mandarin and grape. The custard between the peach was light and addictive while the peach slices were really fresh.

DSC_1155Matcha mousse and red beans which was not bad but not a must try.

DSC_1157The dark chocolate cake was light as it didn’t have the overpowering chocolate taste in it while sponge is fluffy. Pretty good!

It’s really quite heartwarming to see that Sg is getting more and more of such Japanese French patisserie. This is a good addition to the widely known Flor Patisserie, Chef Yamashita and I believe would be greatly welcomed by the CBD working crowd!

Verdict: A good patisserie.

3 thoughts on “Delicius Pasticceria – First overseas branch in Singapore!

  1. Raymond Lo says:

    Hi Mr Eric,

    Chanced upon your blog and am really glad you enjoyed our pastries. Is it ok if I share your post on our Facebook page? 😀

    Raymond Lo
    Retail Sales and Marketing Assistant Manager

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