Geylang Claypot Rice

Geylang Claypot Rice

639 Geylang Road


Purported as one of the best claypot rice in Singapore, Geylang Claypot rice is indeed flavourful and unique. I should be slightly ashamed of myself, as the HK friend V has already been to this place before and I decided to give it a visit only after the sg food expert K introduced it to me. It’s interesting as it’s better for you to order your claypot before going to the restaurant and it takes a whole 30min to prepare, no less no more.


Bringing our empty stomach along with us, we ordered a few side dishes to go with the huge claypot. Got the signature fish claypot for $18. This was so-so though and pretty oily actually. Not too sure why is it known to be its signature.

DSC_1116The prawn tofu though was really good. Prawn was succulent and really fresh. Love the chunky meat there while tofu is well fried on the outside and smooth inside.

DSC_1111The huge claypot rice for the three of us! I actually had the most as I was quite hungry! Love the thick guo ba at the side of the rice and every rice grain was equally fragrant.

We also got a watercress soup which has some seafood like octopus, dried oyster in it and thought that was quite interesting. No msg and it still tastes delicious. We spent about $20 over here in total per person! A cheap hearty meal indeed.

Verdict: A good eatery!


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