Bruno’s pizzeria & grill – awesome risotto and LOBSTER pasta at really reasonable price

Bruno’s Pizzeria & Grill

344 Tanjong Katong Road


Not an Italian fan but Bruno’s really has impressed with their signature dishes. Food over here is so wallet friendly yet of really high quality! The theme of this restaurant – Hearty family-style Italian food and the last time I had such a good Italian meal was in LA which has a huge Italian community over there. We got the escargot for starters which was sizzling hot when served to us. I have had escargot before and didn’t find it super duper delicious besides its interesting chewy texture but decided to order it for my parents to try. $14.


DSC_1116Bruno’s signature pizza with a generous serving of tomato, light addictive mozzarella and healthy rocket. It’s a delicious vegetarian pizza on its own but decided to make it meatier with salami. $28 + $6. Very delicious pizza over here with a thin crust. Love the combination of the toppings as it is refreshingly light and delicious.

DSC_1117Here comes my favourite seafood risotto for $26. With a strong tomato base, this risotto is just super fragrant and addictive. Every fat grain of rice is evenly coated with the seafood essence. Loads of ingredients in this risotto as it is stuffed with clams, crayfish, prawns, fish and squid. For that price, this risotto is really a steal! Yums!


DSC_1121Pasta with crab meat and half a baked lobster for $42. Really value for money pasta I reckon! I usually don’t go for the more expensive stuff when I am at the restaurant for the first time but as Bruno’s is very well known for its quality, I decided to go for it. Lobster was indubitably fresh and has a slightly Q texture while the al dante pasta was coated with the delicious shredded crab meat. Delicious!

DSC_1123Then it’s time for dessert and I got my favourite tiramisu. Mascarpone was so smooth and creamy while it has a pretty rich overall coffee flavour. $9.50. Very delicious tiramisu!

DSC_1124Baked apple pie for $12.90 with Vanilla ice cream drizzled with sea salt caramel. This tasted quite normal to me though as I have had better apple pie at Bar-roque.

Bruno’s is really a gem in the east. Though packed with stretches of restaurants after restaurants, never would I have expected such a good one in the Katong area. I have enjoyed all my mains thoroughly and the desserts as well. Service is also chatty and friendly over here!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant


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