Summer Palace – Chicken smoked in Jasmine Tea leaves!

Summer Palace

Regent Hotel near Orchard MRT

DSC_1142After having had an awesome dim sum lunch at the Summer Palace a year ago, I decided to bring the parents to have some kick ass dim sum and mains this time round and I have to say that I was really impressed with the overall quality of the food. Delicious with some hints of fusion elements, this restaurant indeed made the mark for me.

DSC_1149Got the chilli crab xiu long bao that has substanstial pork filling and shredded crab meat in it. Yummy! $2.50 per piece.

DSC_1159Prawn dumplings topped with refreshing bird nest. Skin was thin and prawns were needless to say, fresh and succulent. $8 for 3 pieces.

DSC_1144And this lobster dumpling should be the signature dim sum as it is topped with succulent lobster meat with caviar. Priced at $9 for 3 pieces, this is really a steal! Very fresh indeed and there’s a light sweetness to the dumplings.

DSC_1152So while flipping through the huge menu, I decided to just focus on those marked with a ‘hat’ as those are the chef recommended dishes. Mushrooms stir fried with truffle oil was smooth, slithery and crunchy while the light truffle aroma makes it even more appetising. $28.

DSC_1153And without fail, I always succumb to the seafood tofu claypot as I am a big fan of tofu and seafood. Tofu was silky and smooth while fragrantly fried on the outside. Though brimming with really fresh fish fillet, mushrooms, prawns and scallops, this glamorous bowl of casserole only costs $32.

DSC_1154Half Chicken smoked in Jasmine tea leaves. Upon seeing the word smoked in Jasmine tea leaves, I knew this has to be on the list as the chicken already sounds super appetising to me. Having had pork ribs smoked with Jasmine tea leaves at Yauatcha London, I had lots of confidence in this dish. Indeed, the chicken was really tender and smooth while its skin is lightly coated with a smoked tea fragrance. Also love the condiments on top of it! $28.

DSC_1155To end it the Cantonese way, we got the stir fried efu noodles with fish fillet for $30. Noodles tasted hand made as it was thick and chewy, cooked to the right consistency while the fresh fish fillet made this dish even more savoury to the palates. Good bowl of chow mein here.

So, Summer Palace has once again impressed not only with their dim sum but also mains! I was really glad that the restaurant is very packed today as it was quite empty the first time I was there. That is indeed a testament to the chef’s culinary skills!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant


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