Grand Mandarin – Head chef from Hakkasan, Impressive mains

Grand Mandarin

Near Outram MRT


Would like to thank Jiaxin and Kenny first for the lovely invitation to Grand Mandarin. Though it came after I have already been here once, I was even more thrilled as I know they have fabulous mains served over here, especially their Honey glazed char siew which will only make you crave for more. Occupying two floors in the Thye Shan Mansion, this huge restaurant can house up to 150 guests. Spend more than $800 and you can choose one of the two private dining rooms, definitely a good setting for business events.


Well, anyway I guess the title sums it all. Hailing from Hakkasan US, the head chef has brilliantly crafted a traditional tantalising Cantonese menu. As there were loads to taste, the picture only shows tasting portions and are not representative of actual serving sizes. From the left, we have the fried soft shell crab with chicken floss and curry leaves ($18), Crispy roast pork belly ($15) and yes, the super tender char siew with a sweet crunchy crust ($15). Soft shell crab wasn’t greasy at all and together with the curry flavoured chicken floss, it tasted really flavourful. The roast pork initially looked truncated and the chef explained to us that, this is to remove the saltier end so as to make it taste more palatable. Really thoughtful of them.

DSC_1128Double boiled clear soup with ginko nut, chinese marrow, black fungus and not forgetting the super succulent lobster reasonably priced at $18! The ingredients themselves are indicative of how refreshing this bowl of clear soup is already!

DSC_1130Baked silver cod infused with a light hint of spicy lemon grass for $22. This slab of cod was so well cooked and so moist that it was oozing with juice with the slightest pressure applied. The really interesting cherry tomatoes tasted like plum throughout as it has been soaked in plum essence which awakens your palates for this delicious cod!


Stir fried wild mushroms with lilybulbs and kai lan for $18. Sightly light in taste, it allows you to taste the freshness of the kailan and natural sweetness of the shrooms. Love the effort that the chef takes to slice the kailan.

DSC_1136Fried rice with fresh crab meat and fish roe for $20. This fried rice tasted really fragrant and wasn’t oily at all while the fish roe in it adds another dimension to the overall texture. The overall combination was addictive and I could have a whole plate of fried rice to myself.

DSC_1141And finally, the desserts. Green apply jelly served with lime sorbet ($8) tasted really citrusy and refreshing. If I were to use three words to sum this dessert up, it would be slithery, smooth and soothing. Jelly was slithery and soothing while sorbet was really smooth. Liu sha bao was also served ($4.80) which has a fragrant runny filling in a fluffy bun.

So Grand Mandarin did impress again and every dish displayed the finesse of Cantonese cuisine. Had a very educational session as Kenny the restaurant manager enthusiastically describes the way they prepare their dishes! So if you are looking for a Cantonese restaurant to impress, I would recommend this as one of your choices. Once again, thank you Jiaxin and Kenny for this lovely invitation!



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