Hakumai Sushi and Omakase – Japanese sets with fusion elements!

Hakumai Sushi and Omakase

Near Tanjong Pagar MRT

DSC_1124If you are looking for a middle range Japanese restaurant that doesn’t break the bank yet still taste decent, then Hakumai Sushi & Omakase could be an option for you. A slight fusion seen over here, the chef seems to have an interest in putting truffle oil into his dishes. Located at the really old international plaza, it may seem slightly out of place and its interior felt a little awkward, to put it bluntly it looks a little like an incomplete renovation as the walls look really dark and there’s a private room protruding out from the wall. Nevertheless, its set meals here are pretty good and the interior doesn’t really bother me.


Pitan Tofu for $7. Very good tofu over here as the really smooth pitan above adds a very strong umami to the wobbly tofu. Haven’t had such a combination before and its taste was really intense. Good combination over here!


DSC_1121Got the Chirashi Sushi Gozen set for $39.80 which comes with a bowl of really eggy prawn broth and truffle flavoured chawanmushi. Very delicious broth over here as the egg gives it a satisfying consistency while the truffle sauce goes well with the smooth chawanmushi.


DSC_1115And that’s the chirashi for the set. Pretty good chirashi over here with loads of thick sashimi slices that tasted fresh and has a springy consistency to it! Like the presentation with alfafa added to it as it makes this bowl look more dainty. Rice is also flavourful with an adequate mirin flavour.



And this is the other set that H got – Sanshoku Mini Don Gozen set for $36.80. Comes with three small rice bowls, namely the pork belly, unagi and mashed salmon with truffle oil, the salmon bowl was the most outstanding one out of the three. Chopped or mashed into fine bits, it has the creamy texture of natto and the fragrance of the glossy truffle-infused salmon is pretty addictive.

So Hakumai does have pretty interesting sets that would pique your senses while are still priced reasonably. If you want to go for a kaiseki, they have a range of pricing starting from $68 and if you are working in the CBD area, you could leverage on their cheaply priced set lunches to satisfy your Jap craving. Service was inconsistent as one of the service staffs seems to rushing for people to leave but that didn’t affect me much. So if you are working in the CBD area, it will be better to make a reservation as they sounded really busy when I called on a weekday afternoon.

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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