Fat Cow – Wagyu Beef rice set for just $38!

Fat Cow

Camden Medical Centre near Orchard MRT


It may seem oxymoronic to house a wagyu beef restaurant in a medical centre but well anyway, Singaporeans will indeed travel down just to have a bowl of wagyu goodness. Away from the bustling shopping belt of Orchard road, the restaurant was considerably quite filled on a Monday afternoon. If you want to get to this restaurant on foot, get out from exit B at Orchard MRT and then turn right when you see Orchard Boulevard. It will be a good 10-15 min walk.

DSC_1112And so, we got the really powerful lunch sets, didn’t even take a look at the bara chirashi or any sashimi stuff as these should be settled in Shinji. Dived straight for the wagyu set for $38 while V got the wagyu + foie gras one for $43. Chawanmushi, salad and miso soup were served first. And the salad was slightly different from those you get outside as there seems to be another ingredient added to it on top of the wafu sauce and the smooth egg pudding has a succulent prawn in it.

DSC_1117Don’t think that this looks like an innocuous bowl of beef donburi as the really tender, melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef slices with a crusty crust and a super runny onsen egg, finished with a splash of truffle oil will get you hooked. The truffle oil fragrance was so apparent when the waiter lifted the lid.


DSC_1125Love the runny yolk when eaten together with the rice as it complements the beef greatly.

DSC_1121And the foie gras beef cube rice which was heavier in taste but definitely felt substantial and satisfying. Cabbage and radish are served at the side.

DSC_1123A side view of the glitzy ingredients. Very tempting isn’t it.

As expected, Fat Cow serves wagyu sets which are heavier in tasting. Seated at the counter seat, you could witness the chef skilfully grilling and slicing your beef. Priced below $50, their set menus are really a steal as you get to have a satisfying bowl of wagyu with all the appetisers as aforementioned and not forgetting a scoop of thick creamy ice cream dessert at the end of the meal. Service is also polite.

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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