Ember Restaurant – Hearty and Delicious French lunch under $50!

Ember Restaurant

Near Outram MRT

DSC_1110Have long heard about the power lunches that Ember restuarant has to offer but are only available on weekdays! But after a gruelling test that lasted for two weeks, when weekends became undiscernable from weekdays, I finally earned myself some off days that allowed me to bring the modern mum to this fine restaurant!

Lunch starts at $42++ for a three course menu and only two mains – the chilean seabass and sirloin require a supplementary charge of $3 and $6 respectively. $6 more for a sirloin?! I definitely went for that!


DSC_1115Lets take a look at the starters that we had first. Wanted a light starter to start with and so this silky egg custard with asparagus, aonori (seaweed) and crab meat was a natural choice for me. Flavour was light but still delicious I felt. It may feel slightly bland for those used to heavy tasting food. Perhaps a little more Japanese elements or ingredients could be added in to make it even more flavourful without losing its lightness.

DSC_1116Got the pan seared hokkaido scallop wrapped in parma ham for the second starter. Scallops were huge, succulent and has that meaty bacon-like aroma as it is seared together with the ham. The citrus fruits served together with it definitely whets your appetite and prepares you for more!


DSC_1123Next came my super impressive huge sirloin that is topped with fragrant mushrooms. If you are a beef eater and have a super big appetite that day, then this main shouldn’t be missed! Very hearty sirloin over here that has an addictive charred aroma on its surface. Even the beef averter mum praised its tantalising look and cheekily tried one piece. Very tender within and together with the delicious mushrooms, I was very satisfied. Also served at the sides are chips with mayo and ketchup and also a bowl of salad in wafu dressing.

DSC_1125And the mum got a plate of chilean seabass goodness that is so well cooked and moist within while the bacon strips and mushroom with the creamy buttery sauce underneath gave this fish an extra punch!

DSC_1126That sums up our delicious lunch mains.

DSC_1128And we had the soft wobbly lightly fragrant panna cotta with gula melaka and red rubi for dessert. This combination worked perfectly well as the gula melaka makes this panna cotta irresistible and that displays the chef’s creative take on fusion food.


DSC_1131And the chocolate fondant cake with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream that gave a sweet ending to this meal! Really thick molten chocolate lava within that would make you crave for more.

Yes, Ember may not be the like of Jaan or Andre, as it aims to serve hearty sincere French food with a slight hint of fusion and elegance in it still. Though the restaurant may be a little small, it definitely is one of the better French bistros out there and given its super competitive price tag, it is no wonder that this restaurant is so busy on a weekday afternoon! Service is also impeccable, friendly and swift. Think of a hearty French made elegant with several pleasant surprises in it, and you will definitely mark this down on your list.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant

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