Kuriya Dining – where LKY and David Beckham have been to!

Kuriya Dining

Great World City

DSC_1132Decided to go to Kuriya Dining after the one that I initially wanted to go to only has outdoor seats left. Anyway, I got all excited when I realised that our MM Lee Kuan Yew has dined in this restaurant recently for his 91st birthday. And coincidentally the cool David Beckham was also at this restaurant on the same day. Upon stepping into the restaurant, you would be greeted with wide smiles and there’s a substantial number of Japanese within the crew. Very primp and proper, the whole restaurant looks pretty modern yet still family friendly as there are many ‘private rooms’ or corners that ensure sufficient space is given to each family or group of people.

DSC_1133A got the kaiseki lunch while I got the lunch set that I personally felt more delicious. Lets take a look at the kaiseki first ($68). A platter of starters was served first; that consists of marinated tofu with ikura, white herring roes with bonito, fish liver on a spoon and fish paste. It was fresh and pretty good but wouldn’t lead to an exclamation.

DSC_1135The sashimi selection was pretty good as the salmon didn’t taste like the normal salmon that you get in a buffet. All these served over here were creamy and really smooth.

DSC_1143The third course was this makerel and cheesy oyster.

DSC_1146And next came the soft tender wagyu beef which in my opinion could be even more tender and able to melt in your mouth. The broth and radish though were lightly fragrant yet not bland and keeps your palates awake.


DSC_1151And the penultimate course, grilled sea urchin with ochazuke. The broth was really delicious as it tasted sweet and calming. However, the uni was a little too salty I felt and A ate the porridge with my delicious mackerel instead.

DSC_1154The last dessert course was fruits with this special manchu dessert (the brown pastry) with matcha ice cream. Very fragrant manchu over here and the matcha ice cream helps to lift its taste.

DSC_1142DSC_1141 DSC_1145Alright, and my Spanish Saba Mackerel set that I am more excited to talk about! Priced at $70, I thought this set was really quite worth the money as the Spanish Mackerel was really tender, moist and slightly juicy. Together with its crispy skin, it tasted impeccable with the rice! Really like the zen-ness in this meal and even the sides were meticulously made too. Served in the blue saucer is some marinated fried tuna while the chawanmushi has yuzu added to it that gives it a refreshing touch.

DSC_1136Very tantalising mackerel indeed. I finished almost every part of it, including its head!

Dessert and tea/coffee were also served at the end of this set meal too, just like the kaiseki.

So, Kuriya Dining is indeed a great place for Japanese meal lovers. My suggestion would be to go for the set lunches as I prefer them more to the Kaiseki. It is still good over here but just that I have had better Kaiseki, and the Kaiseki that I enjoyed most until today still goes to Hashi as that was really quite unbeatable. Menu over here is quite huge and you will definitely be able to find one that you fancy.

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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