Antidote – Reasonably priced lunch


Fairmont Hotel near City Hall MRT

DSC_1112After having a mind-blowing afternoon tea at Antidote recently, I thought of paying a lunch visit to this restaurant. Having seen many wonderful reviews and pictures of its dinner, I thought that lunch should be worthy a visit as well. It was still good in my opinion but not as impressive as I thought it would be as it felt a little more like grub food and lacks the elegance that it clearly displays in its afternoon tea.

DSC_1110Sourdough was served first together with truffle butter. I quite like the butter has it has bits of fragrant truffle in it and bread was pretty good as it was fluffy.

DSC_1113K and I got the starters, Beef onglet salad in Thai style that was coated with a tangy Thai sauce. The fish sauce was pretty strong as I could smell it even before eating. Quite delicious but I didn’t like the idea of having so much raw bean sprouts in it as it has a strong earthy aftertaste. Luckily the sauce managed to make it palatable and was still able to surprisingly finish this whole plate. $18.

DSC_1116The other starter we got was the Grilled octopus with kimchi. Very fusion looking doesn’t it. Spanish on the left and Korean on the right. The octopus was of the right springy texture for me, not overly chewy and tasted fresh. It didn’t feel like a fusion to me as the kimchi didn’t complement the taste of the octopus. $18.


DSC_1119Angus Beef Burger for $24. This was the best dish I felt for the whole meal as bun is soft and medium beef patty was just done right with caramelised onions and melted cheddar cheese on top of it.

DSC_1117Wanted to be a little healthy by ordering this Crisp Seabass fillet served with shaved fennel, avocado salad and lemon dressing. However the seabass tasted slightly dry and normal. $32.

So yeah lunch felt pretty normal here as this may not be their focus. However, as I was super impressed previously, its a restaurant that I would still recommend but maybe for their afternoon tea and the dinner tapas menu.

Verdict: A good restaurant


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