Pantler – Another Japanese Patisserie


Near Tanjong Pagar MRT

DSC_1123Pantler, a Japanese Patisserie, has managed to grabbed my attention as I am a fan of anything Japanese. Got to this place after lunch and it felt literally like a long cafe. They sell really quite a huge variety, ranging from tarts to pastries to small petite elegant cakes which are just a tad too small for my liking. Anyway, they are located just beside the super hipster My Awesome Cafe. Now, lets just zoom past the variety of pastries served here.

DSC_1124Rotund tentalising almond and the normal Pain au Chocolat

DSC_1126The Special of the Day – Curry puff like pastry

DSC_1134Beautifully plated Tarts

DSC_1133Some Japanese snacks

DSC_1129Nicely glossed Pound Cakes



More cakes.

DSC_1138And yes, we’ve got the Mango and Pear cake that was really soft and has a more distinctive but light pear aroma. $8.50.

DSC_1140And the Chocolate Opera was a big contrast to the mango and pear as it has a heavy chocolate taste and I love the chewy fragrant hazelnut layer within. $8.50.

Though a great feast for the eyes, I became really indecisive when I was thinking what to take away. Cakes were pretty good but really too petite for my liking. I literally have to nibble in order to savour it longer. In the end, K and I drove down to Fullerton Hotel for more wholesome and delicious cakes that excel both in its taste and presentation. Priced at $10 for each cake over there, they felt much more worthy and is about double the size over here. Then again, this is still a good patisserie in my opinion but just more suited for the small eaters.

Verdict: A good patisserie


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