Elements – An international buffet with slight Spanish influences


Amara Hotel near Tanjong Pagar MRT


It’s the end of the year again, and that’s an excuse to feast with the colleagues for this interaction day! I always like the dessert section as their decor changes with the festive season and that gives you the mood to gobble!


Well, after an uplift, Elements looks much modern and current than before. With a Spanish chef within them, their international buffet also includes some Spanish delights such as Paella which took me by surprise when I spotted it.

IMG_7421However, its paella didn’t perform up to expectation as I couldn’t taste any churizo in it. It wasn’t as fragrant as a perfect paella should be and definitely lacks the kick. Perhaps that’s because my taste buds were spoilt by Binomio.

IMG_7423This spinach tofu though tasted pretty good. Savoury and quoted with the mushroom essence, I could have quite a few of this.

IMG_7418And hairy crabs at an international buffet? It must be my first time seeing this as well. However, I thought the meat of the crabs wasn’t as fresh.

IMG_7428Another interesting bit was this huge fat salmon lying at the sashimi counter. Fresh as it looks, some colleagues went for multiple rounds.

IMG_7416A nice log cake to end the day.

IMG_7433And the most unforgettable pastry was this huge mango macaroon which has a crusty top and chewy interior with a slight mango fragrance that is not overly sweet at all. Luckily, we managed to grab the last three available! Yums!

So, Elements wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be after having read quite a few reviews. Quality of the food is OK, not too bad but you know you could have better buffet elsewhere. Anyway, it was still a good Christmas / interaction lunch bantering with the colleagues!

Verdict: An average restaurant.




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