FOC by Nandu Jubany – Hola, great decor, friendly service, fun crowd, fabulous Spanish food!

FOC restaurant

40 HongKong Street

DSC_1109Termed as the “hardest-to-book” restaurant of the century, and I can see why after tonight’s fun visit to FOC restaurant. Firstly, it is widely marketed as the Spanish restaurant that is opened by THE Michelin-starred Nandu Jubany. Secondly, you would have already seen loads of funky pictures online about its interior. That is enough to pique any foodie’s or hipster’s interest and as a big fan of Spanish food (due to their super addictive paella and tortilla), I was adamant to try this place out and booked it THREE weeks in advance. Yes, that is how difficult it is to book.



Lets take a look at the super interesting interiors that is full of human heads. Makes it really fun and definitely has a young vibe. I am afraid that it may be too hipster but actually was just right for me. I think I got lucky tonight as there’s a huge group of Spanish uncles and aunties seated at the last few tables and the most interesting thing is that they were sent by a tour bus. Asked the waitress, and they told me they are affiliated in some way to Nandu. Really fun to dine with these cute spanish aunties and uncles.


Alright we got this cocktail – Blacked out in Bangkok. The stimulating chilli padi-lemongrass makes it slightly spicy and I thought that was special while the lemongrass, ginger, mint and jasmine tea infusion makes it refreshing and calming. Priced at $13.50, cocktails here are really priced reasonably well.



Mushroom Croquettes which has a creamy filling and fragrant mushrooms. A loved this loads and I felt it was pretty good too! $8.


Cod fish puff with Green apple puree. As you could have imagined, exterior was crispy while the green apple puree makes the cod even creamier and give it a slight refreshing touch. $12.


DSC_1122And the star of the day – SQUID INK PAELLA with prawns, mayonnaise and clams. Finally, another good pan of paella (another cause the first was from Binomio) after I have tried countless not-too-satisfying ones. However, the rice over here is slightly different as it’s more rotund and a bit harder. The British group beside me were ‘complaining’ quite a lot about it as they preferred it done their way. However, I like this cooking though and to make it taste even better, mix the mayonnaise evenly with the rice. Prawns were needless to say super fresh and succulent! $22.

DSC_1129Seafood paella with fish. Very fragrant and slightly wetter, this pan of paella indeed has its distinct character. It tasted a little lighter than the squid ink one and that longish thing is some shellfish I feel as it has a similar consistency to abalone. $26.

DSC_1128Lamb ribs with yoghurt and herbs. The lamb ribs were cooked to the right texture, very soft and has a slight crisp on its exterior. $22. Pretty good lamb over here!

DSC_1133And we ended off the dinner with the chocolate burger. Very interesting I felt and I love the mixture of the white, dark chocolate and strawberry slices in it. The ‘bun’ was quite creamy and I think was filled with chocolate as well. Yummy dessert but wished it was bigger! $12.

So, as you can see, most of the dishes that I ordered were not the more upmarket ones like scallops ceviche etc as I really want to have good Spanish comfort food over here! It was a pity that tortilla is not in this month’s menu as that is one of my favourite Spanish dishes! A said that everything was spot on and I think they are. Very interesting dessert I would say and service was friendly too.

Verdict: A good restaurant.




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