SYNC Korean Tapas Bar – Fun Korean-inspired Holiday menu! Look out for the Kimchi fries!

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar

Serangoon Garden Estate, 12 Maju Avenue

IMG_7454Since the recent opening of their first Korean Fusion Bistro at Westgate, SYNC has been doing so well that they have opened another branch, known as the SYNC Korean Tapas Bar at the chill Serangoon Garden area. Combining well-loved Korean dishes with Spanish-style tapas, it has indeed delivered an interesting culinary experience. It would be a shame if that purely means serving hearty Korean food in bite sizes but SYNC made the difference by whipping up these Korean dishes with a western slant. Starting from $9.90, the creative team will be launching 6 mouth-watering tapas to celebrate this festive season and you would have the chance to grab them from 12 Dec to 2 Jan 2015. Now lets see what’s so special.

IMG_7448A colourful plate of Christmas Citrus Salad to get the feasting started! Tossed with pomegranate, citrusy orange and further drizzled with citrus dressing, this salad will definitely whet your appetite. $9.90.

IMG_7450Hola! Some Spanish influences here already. The Sweet Potato Croquettes are made from traditional Korean sweet potatoes stuffed with cheese and lip-smacking chorizo while the apple salsa toppings cut through the otherwise heavy taste. While everything tasted delectable, the most applaudable thing was the super smooth and silky texture of the sweet potato. $10.90.

IMG_7451Slightly grilled clay duck meat served with Korean daikon and perilla leaf, this Clay Duck Ssam does taste really flavourful and balanced as the slightly minty leaf complements the fragrant duck meat. $10.90.

IMG_7457Looking for something beefy? Then get this highly popular Kalbi Jim for $26.90. Tucked underneath the super tender beef ribs lies a satisfying bed of mashed potatoes and marinated with Kalbi Jim (a Korean flavouring). Oh, and did I mention that the short ribs were braised for 48h with Korean sauce and that should get you pondering on its superb tenderness. Slurps!

IMG_7459This interesting Turkey Risotto was one of my favourites of the night. It feels super Christmasy doesn’t it, especially with the must-eat turkey and red cranberries. This bowl of risotto is really well-plated. If you are not a barley fan, then this barley rice risotto may not be your kind of food as it is slightly more chewy. Topped with sauteed mushrooms, cranberries and succulent turkey roulade, this bowl of healthy barley rice risotto just tasted heavenly. $26.90.

IMG_7466And not forgetting dessert, The Chestnut Crunchy Bar would satisfy your sweet tooth with its smooth chestnut mousse + orange gel that is encapsulated in a decadent chocolate tart shell. $10.90.

IMG_7461So that was the new Christmas tapas but the really cool host gave us more to try. Their soju was really delicious and do not be fooled by the creamy ice cream in it as you may keep downing without realising that you may be slightly tipsy.

IMG_7462The super exciting fries with melted cheese and kimchi was a hit at the Westgate branch. This led them to bring it to the Tapas branch and this was really one of the more exciting snacks that I have tried.

IMG_7464 And we ended this hearty meal with some cute gingerbread man.

If you have known me well enough, I don’t really fancy Korean Korean food as they taste quite similar after a while. But SYNC Korean Tapas Bar managed to make it so much more exciting by combining western ingredients in it, such as the delectable churizo, succulent turkey roulade etc. Service was really good and the host was fabulous! Have to thank my food kakee Hazeldiary for the extended invitation. And of course, thank you Natashi and Rachael for the great hosting that night!


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