Pie Face – Australia’s Pie Face sets foot in Sg! First in Asia!

Pie Face

Bugis Village near Bugis MRTIMG_7467


Gimmicky as it may seem, pie face does indeed help to enliven you after a hard day! And Let’s admit it, these pies are definitely Instagram-worthy and most wouldn’t be able to resist a shot! And yes you are right each facial expression represents a different luscious filling. A big range of pies are served here so herbivores, carnivores as well as dessert-lovers would definitely be able to pick their favourite!

A short history about these cutie pies: Helmed by chef Francois Galand, he has successfully blended his specialty French pastry crust with Aussie comfort food. A testament to that success – Started in Australia and now has more than 80 stores around the world. How special is that crust then?! Well, the dough preparation itself takes three days and the kitchen team will have to fold this secretive blend of butter to create 48 fluffy layers. Not having enough of that, you get premium cuts of meat as well as other delicious fillings that definitely helps to perfect the humble pie!

IMG_7476For this Christmas season, Pie Face has launched a Christmas drink that blends apple shots nicely with this ice blended coffee. Smooth and fragrant, this will definitely perk you up!

IMG_7474The most calming pie that looks so ready to be eaten!

IMG_7483Savoury pies over here come in mainly two sizes. You could savour the large ones starting from $4.90 and mini ones from $3. Their signature savoury pie – the Chunky Steak Pie is stuffed with chunks of beef that have been braised with onions, garlic and gravy to give it a sweet, memorable taste. If you are a super savoury person, then adding a bit of ketchup would do the trick as it goes really well with the beef. $5.20.

IMG_7486Looking for something with a slight Asian twist? Then the Thai Chicken Curry Pie would be the choice! I would have preferred it slightly spicier as the spiciness in it is really quite mild. But this still tastes really satisfying as its fillings consist of tender chicken meat prepared with carrots, onion, garlic and made even more fragrant with coconut milk. $4.90.

IMG_7488This is actually one of my favourites and that is the Chicken with peppercorn. Love how the creamy, pungent peppercorn gravy aids in bringing out the freshness of the chicken meat in it.

IMG_7479And herbivores out there, do not worry as you can have your share of the savoury Tandoori Vegetable Pie that consists of freshly chopped carrots, peppers (capsicum) and mixed beans that are drenched in a moreish tandoori sauce. $4.90.

IMG_7484For those who need to feel really full, then get the Stack that has a satisfying amount of mashed potatoes, peas and gravy pounded on top of the already huge pie. Felt very English when I first had it and the consistencies of the mashes were perfect.


IMG_7492In addition to the wholesome pies, you could also get comfort food such as the melted cheese sausage roll topped with bits of cheeses, normal sausage roll, almond pastry and honey-glazed cheese pastry. Love the melted cheese in the sausage as it mercilessly oozes out while the sweet savoury combination of the cheese pastry will make you crave for more.

IMG_7502Enough of savoury stuff and lets dive into the sweets over here. A big selection indeed they have. Their signatures first, the nutty and not overly sweet Pecan Pie, thick decadent Chocolate Pie and Mini Lemon Pie that is filled generously with a sour creamy lemon curd that will make you salivate. We’ve also had the Green tea red bean Pie, Coffee Pie, Strawberry and the Butterscotch Pie with a thin caramel gel within that would definitely pander to the sweetest tooth. All the sweet pies are priced at $3.30. And from the cakes selection, we have the fluffy banana, chocolate, carrot cakes and apple crumble.


My personal favourites? The appetite whetting Mini Lemon Pie as it helps to end the heavy meal beautifully with its sourness while the Chocolate Pie would definitely excite chocolate lovers with its thick and rich chocolate mousse within. I personally feel that they are stronger in their savoury pies or rolls as the sweet ones are a little too sweet for my liking and the thick, rich mousse in the sweet pies prevented me from going further.


With more hits than misses, I am glad to say that Pie Face is a really enjoyable restaurant to be in if you are craving for comfort food or just want to have a good, delicious pie that is exploding with fillings in it. Inexpensive yet generous in fillings, they will make a hungry man happy!

Thank you Natasha for the kind invitation!

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