Hungry Heroes – Very fresh Cafe concept! Calling out to all Marvel fanatics out there!

Hungry Heroes

Near Farrer Park Station


Why did it take so long to materialise?! But at least a Marvel themed cafe has finally arrived in Singapore. With the never-ending cafe openings, most have just been literally revolving around the idea of being hipster that it gets boring after a while. But for the super heroes that have accompanied us since young, they are safely never out of fashion. So, I applaud Hungry Heroes for opening such an exciting cafe, that will definitely make everyone feel young at heart. It somehow made me feel that I was in vintage America as the furniture, couch and decoration were all from the 60s.


IMG_7513You can take your time to read your superheroes news while waiting for your meals.

IMG_7512And yeah K and I dined beside the Dark Knight today.


IMG_7530Well the menu is pretty straightforward actually. American comfort food that is basically meat and more grilled meat. We ordered the Nice to Meat You for $59 that could serve 2 easily. Not too sure about 3 (as written on the menu) though as we could finish everything off the plate. There’s a rack of pork ribs (200g), sirloin steak (200g), chicken and pulled pork. My favourite – the pulled pork as it was soft, tender and could be easily used as a spread for the toast at the side. The sirloin though was slightly tough while the roasted potatoes were slightly undercooked as well.

IMG_7522It’s mandatory to pose with these heroes who have protected Earth since we were born.


IMG_7521Flaunting more superheroes paintings before the end of the post.

IMG_7535And so, this is a cafe that is first of its kind. Service is pretty good while food is not bad, passable but really coming to this cafe, is  to soak up in the heroic atmosphere. It kind of reminds me of the themed cafes in Tokyo such as the pokemon, gundam cafes etc and I would really like to see more of such cafes over here actually. Maybe we will get to see a Minion cafe or sorts some day. Hopefully, such a trend has been awakened.

Verdict: A good cafe.

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