Honke Abeya 本家あべや – Super tender chicken with greater umami!

Honke Abeya 本家あべや

B1 KITTE Shopping Mall near Tokyo JR Station

DSC_1128One of my favourite-est Japanese cuisine, oyako don, has been satisfied immensely by Honke Abeya after a long first day. The definition of oyako don has been explained for an umpteenth time already but if you are an oyako fan, then you should be more interested to know a little about the compelling history of Honke Abeya, like their use of healthy, free-range Kampung chicken from one of the alleged top 3 Chicken suppliers which has aided them in making the perfect bowl of oyako. For a concise explanation, then please visit dairycream‘s webpage!



DSC_1115Seated at the counter seat, we got to see the chefs in action and I was really awed with their ability to handle the never ending list of orders. Just look at those three long strips hanging there, and it was just 7pm.

DSC_1126I got the Special Oyako Don Set for 2592 yen and it was a set that you could never find in Japan crazy Singapore. Well let me explain to you why.

DSC_1117Before I mashed up the raw egg yolk, this is how it looked like. Definitely much more appealing than the presentation from most Singapore Japanese restaurants and I love how the about-to-explode yolk is encapsulated in the threateningly thin membrane. The rice quoted with this runny creamy yolk would surprise you with its intense umami and every spoonful of rice is perfected with the fragrantly grilled tender chicken pieces.

DSC_1124This milk pudding dessert that comes with the set is worthy of a picture on its own as it’s so creamy, fragrant and memorable. The caramel sauce drizzled over it makes it even sweeter and would satisfy a sweeter-than-average tooth. It didn’t pander to the mum but dad and I loved it! I suspect that condensed milk may be used over here as it’s too fragrant to be from any healthy milk but it’s really worth the calories.

DSC_1121Dad got the normal oyako don set which is what you usually see in Sg restaurants.

A fact to be stated is that we were here at 6pm and we were 2nd in line. When we left at 7pm, the queue has already overspilled to the next restaurant. I guess that is a testament to its quality oyako. But I’m not too sure of its service as it is surely better than Sg but falls a little short of what I would have expected from a restaurant in Japan. I highly recommend the Special Oyako Don as it seems customised for Japan only and could get it no where else.

DSC_1110And a really pretty and huge Christmas tree decoration at KITTE mall. Hope everyone is gonna have a great christmas this year!


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