Ginza Sushi Ichi – As wonderful an experience in the Tokyo main restaurant

Ginza Sushi Ichi

3-4-4 Ginza, Chuouku, Tokyo, Japan


In the land of Michelin (Tokyo), you would need to book in advance to secure seats in these restaurants as they more often than not only have a very small seating capacity of less than 15 people. Well, I kinda like that as it gives a more intimate dining experience with the chef! You may be able to get seats even by booking a weak ahead but during peak periods like Christmas and new year, one month in advance is usually the advice given if you want to secure really good restaurants!



Having been impressed by Sushi Ichi Sg (Scotts Square), I have already decided to visit the main restaurant in Tokyo more than half a year ago! This restaurant was previously awarded a star and I’m not too sure if it still retains it. Nonetheless, with more than 100, 000 restuarants in Tokyo itself, the Michelin Connoisseur would absolutely not be able to cover all the restaurants even if there’s a battalion of them! This was still a superb restaurant in its own right.

DSC_1123We got the fuyo set for 6000 yen which serves some warm appetisers before an 8 course sushi and a sweet ending with their simple but perfectly done dessert. The chawanmushi came as a surprise as the sour plum topping gives the smooth silky egg custard an interesting edge. Instead of filling you up, it helps to whet your appetite.

DSC_1127Then this beautifully grilled mackerel was served with a fine charred fragrance.

DSC_1132Encapsulated in this razor thin crispy batter is the hot, moist and fragrant yam while the cold grated radish lifts the overall taste of the dish.

Tokyo Dec 2014And that’s the really good sushi course as the fish to rice ratio was appropriate, which doesn’t blend out the sweetness of the fish. I am more impressed by the squid sushi and diced fish gun kan as the squid was super fresh and not overly chewy that makes it unswallowable while the gunkan with diced fish was an interesting topping.

DSC_1139Hmmm my favourite slithery, creamy ottoro that melts in your mouth indeed deserves a picture on its own. Love the well-marbled glorious slab of meat resting on top of the warm shari.

DSC_1143Topped with a bed of creamy uni and popping ikura, this bowl of sushi was really palatable! Not a super big fan of uni again but this was actually quite delicious I felt.

DSC_1148And the beautiful sushi course was ended with this vegetarian roll.


DSC_1150Three different kinds of desserts were served and we got one of each. Raspberry Sorbet (top) and Green tea milk budding (bottom) was equally delectable. While the the former cleanse your palates with its refreshing sourness, the latter provides a joyful sweet ending.

This is one of the many fine restaurants that Tokyo houses and needless to say, is worth a visit. The chef is friendly, smiley while the atmosphere of the whole restaurant felt fun and not as serious which I like a lot. If you are thinking of visiting any of the Michelin restaurants in Tokyo or Japan, you can get your Hotel Concierge to book it for you!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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