Sushi shin – Puzzled by the star

Sushi Shin

4-18-20 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


A last minute decision to go for the last Sushi michelin meal, my hotel concierge finally managed to get Sushi Shin for us after umpteenth tries at other sushi restaurants. They (japanese) indeed go all the way to help their customers as much as possible.



What I thought would be a delightful meal was quickly turned into a distasteful experience when the waitress surreptitiously requested me to switch off the sound of the camera shutter and that less than 5 shots could be taken. Knowing that the shutter sound couldn’t be switched off, I used my phone instead, thereby the more grainy pictures. Though this did put me off a little (as i’m paying for the meal), it wasn’t the entire reason for the less than pleasant experience. Firstly, I am not too sure how did they get a Michelin. Dont get me wrong, the sushi here is decent and fresh but just a tad too salty at times. The rice was also a little disappointing and wasn’t as freshly prepared like that of Sushi Ichi. It tasted a little cold while that of Ichi is warm and appetite-whetting. You know that already when the chef doesn’t shout for shari (sushi rice) throughout your 1h long sushi meal.

Tokyo Dec 2nd folder-005

The last course which was the egg custard was another memorable one in the wrong way as it tasted terribly underwhelming with an uncomfortable aftertaste. Can’t really describe it but simply, it doesn’t taste sweet and satisfying like what it should usually taste like. There was a distressing flat, slightly sourish aftertaste essentially.

Well, I should have already guessed  such a standard when it wasn’t full even on a christmas eve and bookings are still available the week before. Actually, walk-in on that day is also possible judging from the number of customers. Not too sure if it’s the right way to put it, but maybe go if you really need to quench your Michelin thirst and are not lucky to book any restaurants during your stay. But don’t forget, no pictures allowed~ and as it is only suitable for the dead serious, I was already nodding away in the middle of the meal, tired from the long Hakone trip the day before. And do take note that NO dessert is served. It was really appalling as it is the first Michelin sushi restaurant (that I have encountered) that doesn’t serve desserts. An 8 piece sushi set costs about 5900 yen.

Verdict: Due to the high price, this is a mediocre restaurant.

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