Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店- perhaps as delicious as it gets in Japan

Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店

Suntec City Tower 3 level 1 near Esplanade or Cityhall MRT

IMG_7585We usually lament that Japanese outlets over here are not as delicious as those in Japan, I am also unfortunately one of these less easily satisfied bunch. However, Hoshino Coffee in Singapore could perhaps be one of the chains that are as good as their counterparts in Japan and one of the few chains that I would really recommend. Nope, I have not tried the one in Japan but the quality of the food at the Suntec branch is actually very good that you are confident will match Japanese standards.

IMG_7568A beautiful menu for you that will keep you indecisive half of the time.

IMG_7570On the page of signatures, you may not want to miss the salmon wasabi spaghetti as this must be something unique to this shop. These al dante spaghetti tasted so enjoyable with the light, creamy wasabi sauce that is packed with umami. And cooked in two different styles, the pan fried one gives a charred flavour while the ‘boiled’ ones were still slightly raw in the middle. A very delicious plate of spaghetti for $16.

Hoshino coffee-002And this fuwa-fuwa souffle was the bomb as super fragrant baked tomato rice with ham and minced meat is hidden beneath the big fluffy souffle top that is made from well-battered egg white! Together with the perfect consistency, this souffle was yums! $15.80.

Hoshino coffeeThis restaurant seems to be very strong in their souffle, pancakes and anything fluffy so you definitely wouldn’t want to miss their Apple pancake double for $17.80. Very huge pancake over there that is filled with not only fluffy goodness but also its consistency and taste does have a slight similarity to those of cheesecakes. One of the best pancakes that I have eaten so far!

Hoshino coffee-001And I thought I should take a break from the souffles so S and I decided to get the more traditional Anmitsu that is served with springy dango and partially mashed red beans! The creamy matcha ice cream and acute matcha jelly also help to lift the overall taste. I feel really comforted that these sg restaurants are perfecting their Japanese sweets and finally getting them right nowadays without making them diabetic!

Having been to Japan so many times, this is really a cafe in Singapore that has all the essential qualities of those in Japan. From service (perhaps cause I was served by a really friendly waitress), to the food to the interior decor (coupling brown with black feels modern yet fun), this is indeed a place that you will plan a return after your first visit. It really is that good!

Verdict: A good restaurant

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