One Dim sum 一點心 – Maybe better than Tim Ho Wan

One Dim Sum 一點心

Near Prince Edward MTR station

They might have lost their one Michelin star, but it definitely is not second to Tim Ho Wan in my opinion (in fact I would rate it even better). No signatures like the four heavenly kings in Tim Ho Wan but everything that we ordered at Yat Dim Sum was spot on, which is why we were all impressed! Priced below S$4 for almost everything, you could just freely order whatever you fancy without having any qualms about overspending!


A bountiful amount of fillings jampacked in the translucent, glossy skin, the gorgeous steamed spinach dumplings over here shouldn’t be missed!

DSC_0313DSC_0315And this thick, intense sesame paste jin dui is a must order simply because it is really hard to even find such a dim sum in Sg restaurants! Lightly fried with sesame, this chewy glutinous rice ball filled with creamy sesame paste goodness is indeed a heavenly combination.

DSC_0312And the luscious curry cuttlefish was so huge that Q had difficulty finishing it. Evenly coated with the slightly spicy curry sauce, these indubitably fresh cuttlefish also has a slight crunch to its already springy texture. Delicious!

HK New Year 2015And some of the more common dim sum that are served in hearty portions without compromising their quality. Out of which, the chilled mango glutinous roll was the more notable one as its chewy texture coupled perfectly with the freshness of the luscious mango fillings!

DSC_0306This bowl of salted fish pork rice was my least favourite initially as the abominable smell of salted fish was too pungent for my liking. But the taste somehow grew on me gradually and became pretty savoury and tasty towards the end. A gripe would be the overdose of tenderiser used for the pork that it emits a chemically stale scent.

Well, you will find it very surprising that I am gonna mention about its good service as this is after all the typical kind of super packed restaurants that is commonplace in Hong Kong whereby every inch and centremetre is utilised! Its service is definitely above Tim Ho Wan and what more, you can actually get quality dim sum at super affordable prices. So, my advice is don’t be put off by the seemingly long queue that will diminish if you wait for a good 30-45min!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant

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