Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe – Very much affordable authentic Thai at Aljunied!

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

Blk 115 Aljunied Ave 2

Thai-Thai-002It has been a while since my last Thai meal and am glad to conclude that Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe has quenched the craving for an excellent Thai! Located slightly closer to the East in a ‘less-trodden’ area of Aljunied, this unpretentious Thai restaurant does indeed attract a local crowd during lunch hours; though expats were spotted when I left.

IMG_7693Had a pretty heavy lunch with the parents and it was a unanimous decision that this is a very good Thai restaurant to visit! Lets explore! This pot of Lala Bee Hoon was so savoury that every strand of bee hoon was exuding with Lala seafood goodness. Loads of Umami packed in the noodles and soup, it was no wonder that it became one of the top favourites in various reviews! This is indeed a dish that shouldN’T be missed. $18.IMG_7686And this plate of signature Butter Prawns were just extraordinary! Fried till golden brown, the hardy shells of these prawns actually turned crispy and could almost be eaten together with the luscious substantial meat within. The butter sauce stir fried with curry leaves was simply finger-licking good and it’s advisable to get a bowl of rice to soak up this thick, buttery, savoury sauce. $18.

Thai-ThaiIt is difficult to hate eggs but over here, this combination of Omelette with Dill (ChaOm Omelette) was just heavenly. The crunchy texture of the dill and its light refreshing fragrance contrasted greatly but pleasantly with the fluffy wok-hei infused omelette! $8. The sea asparagus salad (bottom right) whetted all our appetite with its intense sourness and spiciness. I would reckon that you should request for a lower spicy level even if you have quite a high threshold as this was quite challenging for me. $12.


IMG_7696We all like things traditional at times as those cooking techniques are more often than not, proven and unchallenged which was very much exemplified by this steamed lemon seabass over here as it slowly simmers away above a tray of glowing charcoal. Down-to-earth this fish may seem, its lemongrass infused meat was indeed addictive! $35.

IMG_7697The warm mango glutinous rice ($6) and tender, fresh-from-the-steamer Coconut-glazed steamed tapioca ($3.50) gotten for dessert rounded up the meal beautifully.


IMG_7695-001Being a bit gluttonous today, we have also ordered a plate of lip-smacking Crab meat fried rice which uses fresh shreds of crabby meat. Price at $6, this shouldn’t be missed!

Well, the menu over here at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe is really extensive and it may be hard to finish everything even in three visits. But at least, they’ve nailed the dishes ordered today and I believe there are definitely more hidden gems within that exciting menu! This may also be one of the rarer restaurants that have removed all GST and service charge, that lead to a modest price of $112 for three people! Indubitably, this is very reasonably priced for such quality Thai!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant!

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