Guksu Noodle House 국수 – The Chicken and desserts were surprisingly more memorable!

Guksu Noodle House 국수

Suntec City near Esplanade or Cityhall MRT

IMG_7566We are familiar with the smoky Korean BBQ and spicy chige hotpot but this Korean noodle house, Guksu 국수, may be the first in Sg. Indeed, this has added more variety to the Korean food scene over here. Given that it’s a specialty restaurant, it should be expected to deliver its noodles brilliantly, but I was slightly more bought over by the fried chicken side dishes and desserts.

IMG_7548S got the Zha Jeon Meon which though wasn’t the signature of this place, actually looked quite delectable as the springy noodles are soaked in the tangy flavourful sauce.


IMG_7555Their signature noodles are typically the wet ones. While Q and Y have gotten the clam broth noodles, mine was submerged in the spicy beef broth. I wasn’t actually really convinced by the much lighter tasting broth that doesn’t seem to have undergone any painstaking preparation. Y commented that the seafood or beef broth in S. Korea was strongly packed with umami and tasted infinitely more intense than the ones here. Its a pity that the broth didn’t shine while the consistency of the noodles were slightly too soft to my liking. $13.90.

Go for the set by paying a little more (slightly under $20 in total) and you could get the highly recommended fried chicken which comes with different condiments. Got the fragrant garlic one and the fried batter was inexplicably delicious with a great crisp while the ridiculously huge drumstick (that might have been augmented with hormones) was super tender and juicy.


GuksuAnd the desserts are actually the must order as well. If you are allergic to cheese, then forget about the unique chewy cheese mochi that comes in strawberry, matcha and vanilla flavours and hit straight for the exceptional chocolate lava cake as the thick viscous decadent lava would definitely knock out your palates!

IMG_7565While I’m not swayed by their noodles, I was very impressed by the fried chicken and desserts which now made me understand the ridiculous popularity behind the seemingly humble chicken. It may still be a while before Korean noodles can take off like their Japanese counterpart (Ramen) in Sg. My take is come here if you want to know how does a bowl of Korean noodles really look and ‘taste’ like. If not, this could be a good hangout place for the excellent chicken and desserts!

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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