Tai Ping Koon 太平館餐廳 – Retro restaurant with SOUFFLE that’s BIGGER than your FACE


Tai Ping Koon 太平館餐廳

40 Granville Road, near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR
Some of us may have already been familiar with the HK dining scene as restaurants range from the ridiculously opulent and lavish ones to those which will make your belly bulge even at less than HKD $80. But there’s this other genre that focuses on the retro; when service crew uniforms, interior decor and table mats are preserved from those of yesteryear. Falling into this category, Tai Ping Koon undoubtedly felt really homey and old school which I have grown a liking towards and have gained huge popularity amongst HK-ers. And of course, such a restaurant absolutely befits the once-a-year gathering with the HK uni pals.

As it was the first time for all of us, the signatures were picked out without any hesitation. Roast pigeon (Top) was intriguing for us as apart from Roast Goose, this is the other dish that is rarely seen in Sg! Despite its ‘novelty’, the meat tasted slightly similar to chicken and it could have been marinated longer for the flavourful sauce to permeate into the meat further.

DSC_0428-001One of the staples of HK-ers, the Gan Cao Ngao Hor was emanating loads of Wok Hei fragrance while the noodles weren’t greasy at all. Beef slices were tender and didn’t have a hint of tenderiser overdose. Very flavourful Hor Fun that would satisfy even a stuffed man.

DSC_0430-001And this plate of Marinated chicken wings were in our opinion, the signature of the signatures as its tender, silky meat has totally been infused with the sweet, savoury soy sauce. It is indeed quite hard to leave their less healthy skin intact as it has soaked up the goodness of the specially made aromatic soy sauce. They actually tasted better than the pigeon!

DSC_0429-001Craving for something slightly spicy to stimulate the tastebuds, we got the Chicken Curry that were unexpectedly not spicy at all. It is similar to the taste of Ka Lei Yu Dan (Curry Fishballs) without the spiciness which I reckon dulls the sensation a little.

DSC_0437-001And then, this must-get signature dessert was the bigger-than-your-face souffle that really isn’t for one to finish. Really fluffy with loads of air bags in it, this fragrant eggy souffle felt ethereal and soft.

DSC_0435-001Despite some of the misses, this retro restaurant is indeed a worthy one to be in with your friends who have grown up with you since the late 80s as it is also priced really reasonably at such hearty portions. It came up to about S$40 per person and if you want to visit this restaurant, reservation is a must as this whole place was packed when we were there at 7pm!

Verdict: A good restaurant


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