Alt. Pizza – Charming 11” pizzas below $15; Purportedly one of the best Grubs in town

Alt. Pizza

Suntec City Tower 4 near City Hall or Esplanade MRT

IMG_7789Halfway through my meal at Alt. Pizza, I started wondering to myself why would ppl even want to squeeze in overly packed indie / hipster / industrial / whatnot cafes when firstly, more often than not (except for some), the interior is more alluring than the food (only if it’s empty) and secondly when food may not be exactly that cafe priced. Alt. Pizza just had the perfectly desirable qualities as their delicious 11” pizzas could go to as low as $12 while their randomly ordered sides and desserts are all spot on!

IMG_7791On top of those already alluring factors that should have warranted a visit, Alt. Pizza artistic and chic interior definitely makes it an enjoyable place to chill at!

The first course only, and I was already looking excitedly for the rest of the meal. The refreshing Kale and Green Apple Salad consisted of fresh shredded carrot, with crunchy pumpkin seeds drizzled in the invigorating honey dijon vinaigrette while the contrasting feta cheese made this salad more substantial. The acidity of the green apple definitely provides the right amount of sourness to whet one’s appetite. $12. 

IMG_7793 Bam! This is perhaps the most intense chips I’ve had as the Idaho Spud Chedder Fries were prepared by drowning the thick-cut steak fries in the sinful, creamy and fragrant bacon & cheddar cheese sauce. It’s really very hard to stop yourself from soaking all the sauce up with the fries. $8.


IMG_7795And then the first star of the lunch – Truffle Shuffle that had an extremely crispy and fluffy base topped with inseparable molten Parmesan and caramelised onions with a dash of white truffle oil. As putting in all my might in search for the slightest truffle scent has proved ineffective, it would have been a perfect score if more truffle oil was added. $14.

IMG_7797A second, more heavy tasting spicy Dangerous Diego was chosen as the satisfying Spanish chorizo was paired heavenly with the pungent sweet paprika. And this was made perfect as the paper thin base kissed with a slight char fragrance accentuated the flavourful ingredients peppered on top of it. $16.

IMG_7799And to our surprise, the limited dessert menu was spot on as well as we ordered the Passion Fruit & lemon, Chocolate Hazelnut, Hokey Pokey, Double Cookies & cream ice cream at $4 each. These New Zealand Ice cream has just the perfect creamy and milky texture with a rich yet not over-embellished flavour in it. A special mention for the Hokey Pokey which tasted slightly more refreshing actually reminded me of the scent of air freshener, but an edible one that isn’t overpoweringly repulsive.


With such lovely prices, chic ambience and delicious menu, it is actually quite felonious to forgo such a splendid restaurant. Service is pretty friendly and efficient too!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant!


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