The Peninsula Boutique – Exquisite Vday and CNY treats!

The Peninsula Boutique

Ion Orchard #B1-13

DSC_0462For those who want to impress the partner, relatives or extended family, The Peninsula Boutique (which has recently stepped into Singapore at Ion Orchard) should be an option for you as she offers an eclectic range of  polished food and gifts for this coming Valentine’s and CNY! Sweeping across almost the whole of Asia and even extending to the US, these Peninsula branches are all located in major cities that have a massive obsession with fine-dining such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Yokohama, Hong Kong and even Chicago.


The peninsulaThe Peninsula Boutique Sg is now offering a huge range of lavish CNY goodies such as the Butterfly Puff Pastries ($26), Mini Chocolate Bars ($26), Assorted Coffee & Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chip and Macadamias ($39). The list doesn’t end there and you may really want to take a look for yourself at the boutique. Also not forgetting the delicious traditional Chinese New Year Pudding or Nian gao ($28) that are made from freshly grounded glutinous rice flour, they are even cast in several intriguing flavours such as the refreshing Lychee and Osmanthus flavours. And if you are looking for an even more luxurious gift to impress, then go for the Festive Hamper that starts from $288.

DSC_0466It would definitely be a pity if such a plush boutique does not serve lovely chocolates for your Valentine. These alluring assorted truffles & pralines would doubtlessly seal the deal as it is not only gorgeous to look at, but also taste creamily rich with a slight alcoholic underflavour.

So, if you are still undecided on what to get to impress (it really is just a few days to the festivities), then make a trip down to The Peninsula Boutique and grab a few fashionable gifts back!

Cheers to the Peninsula Boutique for the sweets!


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