Chung Kee Dessert 松記糖水店 – the birthplace of Fabulous HK desserts!

Chung Kee Dessert 松記糖水店

Many outlets in HK (This was near Jordan MTR)

PlatypusHaving been to HK for more than 5 times already within two years, this is really by far the best dessert place that I’ve been to over here. We may be more familiar with Hui Lou San 許留山 (also commonly known as the mango heaven place) when we talk about HK desserts but Chung Kee Dessert 松記糖水店 is the one that has left an indelible impression in me as they presented a large variety, big tastes and daring creativeness. Thanks for Y’s local friends for the recommendation indeed.

(Shown above) We’ve got the Black glutinous rice (Bobo Hitum) with soya beancurd drizzled with coconut milk which has one of the best combination of textures. The starchy thick but bitty springy Glutinous rice bits contrasted starkly with the smooth silky beancurd beautifully while the coconut milk lifted the overall taste!

DSC_0386And lets jump straight into my favourite of the 6 – this bowl of Matcha goodness! Though topped with a thick creamy ball of flavourful Matcha Ice cream already, Chung Kee has decided to go for the extreme and added chilled springy Matcha Noodles that will satisfy even the Matcha cynic. And packed generously right underneath was the favourite fruit of most Asians; luscious mango cubes that is!

DSC_0387And I guess I will award this as the most creative dessert of all that we had! An uber thick biscuity, yet melt-in-your-mouth-into-a-creamy-paste base is topped off alluringly with the decadent Cookies and Cream ice cream that serves to accentuate the milkiness of this entire dessert. For the sake of allowing Sgreans to better understand, the texture of the base is reminiscent of the sugee that Bangawan solo sells.

DSC_0383And it will be a perfect washdown for the body after those creamy and heavy desserts by having this light and refreshing fruity mix with herbal jelly topped with mango puree sauce.

Platypus-001I believe you must have guessed it! This isn’t a place for you to chat for long after you have finished your dessert as there is a huge line of fans outside waiting to get their hands on these delectable sweets! And yes, Chung Kee Dessert is a highly recommended place to visit at any time of the day, even before your mains!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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