Wan He Lou 萬合樓 – One of the best Cantonese restaurants in a quiet area

Wan He Lou 萬合樓

65 Maude Rd, 208347 (Near Lavendar MRT)

DSC_0473Although it has been overly used, I would like to reiterate that wan he lou 萬合樓 is really a gem in a quiet neighbourhood enclave. From the start of the CNY set menu ($98.80 for 2) to the end, S and I were constantly surprised by Wan He Lou’s creations. No, it isn’t the creativity that we adore, but the exciting flavours which is evocative of the chef’s impressive culinary skills.

DSC_0463We started off with the Zesty Fruit Salad with Lobster Claw that is made so delicious with the freshest produce accompaniment. On top of the lobster claw, I was very delighted by the sweet tangy mango slices as its intense natural sweetness was complemented perfectly by the contrasting savoury sesame wafu sauce.

DSC_0464And this Coal Grilled seven spice Pork Rib was cameralised with a sweet, aromatic sauce that has transformed into a viscous, slightly molten brown syrup after having been through an arduous grilling. This is further complemented by a light charred underflavour that has permeated through the meaty succulent pork. 

Wan he lou

DSC_0468While we were very satisfied with the earlier courses, this Double Boiled Soup with Abalone, Hippocampus and Sea Cucumber was the one that made our eyes shimmer. Needless to say, fragrant intense flavour from the painstaking double boiling is a given over here. What makes it truly outstanding is the subtle gelatinous, viscous texture of the broth which could be attributed to the long boiling of the sea cucumber. And the fact that the springy consistency of the sea cucumber could still be retained after such long hours of simmering does speak a lot about its grade!


DSC_0471And we ended off the savoury courses with the Signature Lobster Porridge that didn’t fail any of our expectations after having read great reviews of it. Very impressed by the slightly creamy, milky broth packed with lots of lobster sweetness in it, we finished it to the last drop and it was indeed quite a huge bowl! It is very intriguing how such a lighter tasting bowl of broth could be so intensely flavourful.

DSC_0476An impressive restaurant in a quiet neighbourhood, is that not what most of us would prefer as a dining place? And to be honest, I was surprised that a Japanese pair sitting beside us managed to find their way to this restaurant (when it’s location is not exactly the most prominent)! This must have been a very well-received restaurant!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.


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