Nunsongyee 눈송이 – Shaved ice desserts with texture like Snow Flakes but priced too premiumly

Nunsongyee 눈송이

45 Burghley Drive #01-04, Singapore 559022

BingSuLocated in perhaps the most unanticipated location near Serangoon, I foresee that this Korean-run Korean dessert cafe would not run out of business as it is cleverly positioned just beside a gym and big tuition centre. Just exactly what a gym-er would need after a sweaty run and kids would definitely pester their parents for these icy desserts in the blazing heat.

IMG_7723Similar to our ice Kachang or Taiwan Cua Bing (Shaved Ice), the koreans have their own rendition called Bingsu 빙수 and this is what Nansongyee is majoring in while they also serve Rice cake desserts and the usual coffee tea. With so many colourful and electrifying flavours to choose from,  we went straight for the Korean favourite Black Sesame BingsuIMG_7728

IMG_7734While this bowl has its credits, it also has an equal share of disapproval from K and I. Indubitably, this may literally be the finest bowl of shaved ice as it really has the texture of snow. Really smooth and melts immediately the moment it touches your mouth, I almost wanted to examine its Crystal patterns.

The less gratifying part? Topped with nuts and freshly crushed black sesame with non-sweetened partially mashed red beans, I thought there would be explosive fragrance. To our dismay, this bowl of bingsu was simply lacking in flavour and moisture. It may sound oxymoronic perhaps, but the bowl of unmelted ice really doesn’t alleviate the situation even when sweetened milk has been drizzled over the dry toppings. I guess the toppings require more flavouring and processing before it can be served as ice is really just water – tasteless. And priced at about $18, I really wouldn’t recommend this Bingsu. I would just say until the novelty wears out, this fresh cafe may still continue to draw the crowd.

Verdict: A mediocre cafe

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