Kinsa Sushi 金の砂寿司 – Making a statement with its Wagyu Beef Don for just $25!

Kinsa Sushi 金の砂寿司

Jubilee Square near Ang Mo Kio MRT

DSC_0303I jumped to the decision on visiting Kinsa Sushi restaurant the moment I saw how well priced their bowl of tantalising wagyu beef bowl is. Luckily they have a nearer restaurant at Ang Mo Kio (which is where they started from) as the branch at HillV2 (near Bukit Batok) is too far for me to get my lazy butt to. Well, allow me to describe some noteworthy dishes before I dish out the mesmerising Soo Gyu Don.

DSC_0310This Eihire Grilled Stingray Fin was the perfect and best starter for us as the parents love its cuttle-fish like stretchy texture and the beautifully grilled fragrance. Having a thicker thickness, it tastes far better than our familiar cuttlefish snack. This is definitely a grub that goes well with a pint of Asahi beer! $9.80.

DSC_0306Ever since I had my virgin attempt on raw octopus with wasabi at Sushi Airways, I realised that not many restaurants serve it and when I spotted it in Kinsa’s menu, I grabbed it without any hesitation! The fresh springy, crunchy and slightly chewy octopus bits were made palatable with the wasabi! Everything tasted perfect but I thought some zesty lemon could have been added to cut through the slimy texture and have its overall taste lifted! $4.80.

DSC_0304The Swordfish Mekajiki sashimi slices taste creamy as if it has been well marbled with collagen. $12.80.

DSC_0313And this Dobin Mushi or Japanese Clear Soup in Tea Pot was slightly disappointing with its less than umami clear broth. The best clear soup that I’ve ever had has probably been left in Ren Tokyo. $6.80.


DSC_0318This Soo Gyu Don or Beef Bowl was the ENTIRE reason why I was in AMK today for just 2h! Definitely didn’t disappoint and made the whole trip all worth it! Grilled with a savoury sweet sauce, this wagyu beef was beautifully glazed and well-marbled with a pinkish hue as it is prepared medium rare. So well-marbled that it tends to melt in your mouth, every slice is also prepared with a slightly crispy top layer which has an addictive charred fragrance! And you could imagine how much good would the thick runny yolk do to such a umami dish! How could you resist this when it’s priced at $24.80 only! This is the other beef bowl I had so far other than the impressive one at Fat Cow.

DSC_0320Feeling greedy still, we got the Dragon Roll that has very crispy fried prawn filling in it and is laced with creamy avocado slices and Fresh Mango. However, I would have appreciated this more if less mayonnaise is used. $14.80.

DSC_0309For those who prefer a lighter set lunch, you could get a decent one for about $16 from the set lunch menu!

KinsaAnd I love the ice cream desserts (Bottom) as the Yuzu one was just slightly sour with chewy Yuzu bits blended into it while the Sesame Goma Ice cream was thick, creamy and so fragrant that it pairs well with a waffle. The green tea mochi (top) was just passable though as it lacks a strong matcha punch. About $4 each.

Well, Kinsa Sushi restaurant does indeed have a Huge menu and it is no wonder that there are hits and misses during the whole meal. BUT, its Beef Bowl is perfect and spot on which has made the trip all worth it, not forgetting the excellent starters and dessert as well! So I say get the right things and you will be super satisfied (you know what to get after this post, don’t you) ;)!

Verdict: A good restaurant


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