Aeiou Cafe – Vintage cafe with pretty good mains

Aeiou cafe

111 King George’s Avenue Near Lavender MRT

DSC_0304A vowel-ful vintage cafe that keeps all the ancient items from yesteryear, AEIOU cafe does indeed bring back some bittersweet memories shared by the 80 babies. H and I were pretty impressed by the decor already the moment we stepped into this new cafe though the heat did take a toll on us when we just arrived (there isn’t any air-con which is something that terrorises me). Luckily hot air rises and the tall ceiling cafe does alleviate the heat by trapping them at the top and the fans did help to cool things down a little.

DSC_0307Well an ice blended blueberry and avocado drink with two shots of espresso became mandatory in this searing heat together with multiple glasses of iced water. Though the avocado shake was recommended on the menu, I was more convinced by the blueberry one as its refreshing sweetness managed to cut through the bitter aromatic espresso while the avocado one was slightly overpowered by the coffee. A refreshing combination for coffee I felt and this worked for us! $8.

DSC_0308That’s how you mix your coffee in but evidently H was a little not too familiar with pouring it in.

DSC_0311Looking super christmasy on the plate (just short of some cranberries), this huge oven-baked chicken (Hot chick from head to toe) stuffed with garlic, rosemerry and thyme was served with a relishing crisp which still has its juiciness retained within. Smooth, fragrant mash and sweetcorn were served as the sides together with the brown sauce and pepper mustard. It was a pity that the herbal taste couldn’t be savoured by the already weakened tastebuds perhaps due to the heat. $22.90.

DSC_0315The other heavy-tasting main was the Moo-licious Cheeks with tagliatelle pasta cooked with the tangy balsamic vinegar. While I love the idea of pairing the pasta with the flavourful vinegar as it helps to whet the appetite, the chef could have gone easy on the amount of oil used. And though the tender beef cheeks could be easily pulled apart, there was a queer subtle canned sardine taste in it. I guess this plate of beef pasta could be improved further. $24.90.

DSC_0318Overall, when the service and food served were compared to other cafes, I would say this is slightly a cut above the average ones, also owing largely to the quaint interesting decor of the cafe. The ice blended blueberry and espresso shots though were ingrained in my mind already.

Verdict: A good cafe.



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