May May – May I serve you a delicious rice bowl please???

May May

65 Tras Street near Tanjong Pagar MRT

DSC_0303Served in a Japanese donburi (Rice bowl) style, May May restaurant has beautifully created several sleek yet appetising rice bowls for the CBD lunch crowd which are all reasonably priced at. Choosing your mains or desserts may have never been so simple as they try to keep both their lunch and dinner menus small literally, filling up just a single side of an A5 page.

DSC_0304While dinner is slightly more expensive (as with most restaurants) as they serve the more premium dishes such as ribeye etc (which are all in the thereabout of $30-ish), the lunch bowls were evidently very economically priced. Starting from $12, you could opt to complete it as a set which comes with a drink and salad by just topping it up with another $3. And naturally, the set was chosen!

DSC_0310Having decided to do healthy, I’ve got the Butter Poached Cod Rice Bowl that is paired perfectly with the fragrantly Grilled mushrooms and wasabi sprouts. The smooth Cod was flawless with its fairly tangy butter overcoat and such a healthy bowl, is somehow desirable in this searing heat.  $18.


DSC_0308Woew, what have we got here. The unbridledly sinful thick Braised Pork Belly was ordered by K without any qualms upon knowing that it’s THE signature. It could be easily understood why, once that piece of well-braised lard and pork slides down your throat. Embellished with the healthier wasabi sprouts, asian slaw, crunchy and thinly sliced pickled lotus root and soft centred egg (though it still doesn’t help to transform this into a healthier bowl), they helped to lift the entire taste of this rice bowl. $16.


DSC_0314The final main, warm somen with minced pork and May May chilli sauce oil unfortunately came as unsatisfactory to us. Tossed in a slightly sourish thai base chilli sauce, the noodles were too mushy to my liking and couldn’t be separated easily. The thick layer of chilli oil also was unwelcome by us. $14.

Despite the big miss in the final noodle main, we were still inspired and hopeful for the Donburi rice bowls! So, go for the rice bowls I suggest if you are looking for a spacious restaurant for lunch at. Somehow, I have an inkling that dinner mains will be spot on as well.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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