Mad About Sucre – When almost every pastry looks spot on

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road near Outram MRT

DSC_0315Despite only having opened for slightly more than a month and only just a few cakes on display, this outstanding patisserie shop does seem to have a big story to share. With its grand yet not overly lavish interior decor, Mad about Sucre still somehow manages to render one an idyllic experience. Priced at around $10 for each cake/tart, they are indeed pricey but I like the way the experience was made wholesome as they would thoughtfully pair your cakes with a suitable cup of tea for $7 (But of course you could reject the tea if you are not a tea person). Having so much conviction in what they do, the cakes are served in courses starting from the lightest first (This must be a first for me, as I have not experienced such an arrangement before, not even during the 4 years in UK).

DSC_0316A relaxing corner of the patisserie to boast about.

DSC_0321And if you are in for an extravagant celebration or whatnot, you could customise your n-tier cakes from this patisserie. Looking very British in design (due to the hat), I concluded that these 2 tier cakes do indeed score greatly on presentation! 

DSC_0334Knowing that her cakes should only be served fresh, the baker constantly makes new batches once one has run out.

DSC_0327After the effusive owner has rattled continuously for 10min (not in a bad way though as it only shows his pride and conviction in his desserts), we decided to go for a light-tasting Coco Citron which I would heavily recommend. Filled in the thin crumbly tart base, the lightly soured lemon curd proved that it doesn’t have the intention to steal all the limelight away from the light and smooth coconut mousse. An impeccable combination indeed that is ended off beautifully with the perfectly crystallised citron toppings. $9.80.


DSC_0336And that’s the jewel of the day – San Domingue. Resting steadily on top of the fragrant and buttery Brittany crunch, the decadently rich chocolate mousse ball (made from 70% single origin chocolate) was topped beautifully with a Rum chocolate box. And housed within this chocolate ball is a slightly sweeter mashed cameralised banana. Pardon me from being too simplistic, but this is really Chocolate banana made upmarket! $12.80. Just like what it sounds, this is the heaviest-tasting dessert of all and what I like about this dessert is the splendid pairing with the peppermint tea that is able to cut through the creamy chocolate aftertaste.

May mayA london bus cake spotted which calls for another good shot! As these cakes are real, please resist the urge to touch them just like what I embarrassingly did!

A patisserie that is one of a kind, Mad about Sucre is definitely worth a visit to for a complete afternoon tea experience!

Verdict: An excellent patisserie.


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