Imakatsu – Mentaiko Tonkatsu?!?! Creative katsu served here indeed


Star Vista at Buona Vista MRT

IMG_7936My impression of a delicious tonkatsu has always been a simple, huge and succulent piece of fried pork cutlet with 10% fragrant fats embedded in it, served with a small dollop of spicy mustard by the side that helps to cut through the heavy porky flavour.


IMG_7938And it really was until this visit to Imakatsu (sidetrack: that marks the end of the month long international test that the lab has partaken in) that I begin to take a different opinion over the seemingly identical tonkatsu in almost any restaurant, that it could actually be made special/creative. My first time having the chicken tonkatsu, the breast was palpably juicy and blended perfectly well with the flaky, crispy fried batter encapsulating the chunky piece. This lunch set that comes with a dessert (sweet red bean anmitsu with rice balls and heavy, creamy matcha ice cream) and juice costs reasonably at about $25.


IMG_7934And for weightwatchers (who shouldn’t be here in the first place), rejoice with the free-flow of fresh, crunchy cabbages served! Emulating just like the Tonkatsu tradition in Japan, Imakatsu not only allows you to keep topping up your cabbage, but also the addictive Japanese rice. Three huge basins of cabbages ordered continuously was a testament to its freshness which was accompanied beautifully with the thick fragrant sesame sauce.


IMG_7941And the ‘chocolatey brown savoury’ sauce was happily used to submerge these succulent premium pork slices that are fried to an irresistible golden brown hue. The creative bit – the popping savoury mentaiko toppings resting on top actually extended its taste to the umami spectrum. And I really would recommend getting the mentaiko rendition. For chicken lovers out there, they also serve chicken katsu with mentaiko stuffed within its meat! $26.

And flipping through the menu, there were some alluring sides like the fried minced meat ball that seems to have a runny egg yolk within it. Looks interesting but we were too stuffed already to get it! This should be one of the better restaurants in the West I reckon.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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