House – A revamped and brighter menu featuring more polished mains and desserts!


8D Dempsey Road

DSC_0323The last visit to House was for the Enid Blyton Themed Tea Party when they introduced their ‘newly’ launched creations – Hearty, English cakes that is. Almost exactly one year on, and they have created new, exciting mains that have all the essential balances that a health-conscious individual would look out for. Fret not for ardent customers as old popular Classics are retained and made even more refined! A huge menu indeed, and lets start from the unexpectedly delectable vegetarian dishes first!

DSC_0304This Macadamia-crusted pumpkin salad was a huge hit among most of us as the fleshy, moist pumpkin has a strong natural sweetness which pairs perfectly with the fragrantly roasted macadamia and sun-dried tomatoes while the light mustard dressing aids to lift the overall taste, rendering it more tangy.

DSC_0305Hoping for some Asian influences and a warmer plate of salad in the new menu? Then the lightly fried tofu with warm soothing sauteed mushrooms, drizzled over with the popular flavourful Japanese Wafu sauce shall answer your question as the tofu serves to make this salad even more substantial.

DSC_0307Wild Rice mushroom risotto – A meat eater I am but this is my favourite out of the lot as it simply has all the right balances that a good risotto should have. Though braised in a flavourful stock together with the mushrooms, the wild rice did not lose its al dante-ness and still preserved the coveted bitty consistency. Topped with grilled zucchini, and sour cream, this is indeed a thoughtful plate of risotto that wasn’t confusing at all. $25.

DSC_0315Lean Green Pasta, elegantly embellished with luscious dollops of in-house pesto that camouflages perfectly well with the broccoli and asparagus, it also exuberates a strong herbal fragrance that differentiates it from the pesto sold outside. Al dante pasta was expected and this is clearly one of my favourites as it reminds me of the days when pesto spaghetti was made for a quick dinner back in the UK. $22.

DSC_0311Turkish Salad that brings the Mediterranean flavour to the table with the uniquely spiced Falafel that cuts through the refreshing, creamy tzatziki (strained yoghurt) at the side.

DSC_0310Yes (I have been holding for too long though the vege dishes were equally spectacular), that’s the end of the veggie delights and we shall plunge straight into the red meat first! Hanger steak with tomato salsa and Tahini-Bacon Spud served on a bed of luscious mash was wiped out quickly as the beautifully seared red meat, together with its well-marbled fats has a strong umami taste that is balanced adequately by the dash of zesty tomato salsa! $36.

DSC_0306To all fusion lovers, this plate of Black pepper infused linguine was the one that was ordered twice. Warm, comforting and heavily tossed in black pepper prawn bolognese, this old classic was evidently starkly different from the rest with its stronger umami flavour which is also made more upmarket by topping it off with ikura and caviar. Indubitably, the char-grilled prawns were succulent and comes effortlessly off the shell. $33.

DSC_0314If you are wondering, no we have not missed out on a dish with a Cantonese slant as this tender, juicy Baby spare ribs have been marinated in a flavourful Chinese five-spice and soy sauce combination which has penetrated evenly into every part of the meat. To give it a more hearty balance, partially mashed poached apples and celeriac puree were served at the side! $29.

DSC_0308For those who prefer the traditional sarnies, this Grilled chicken and avocado sandwich will serve to satisfy with its succulent herbal chicken thigh and creamy slices of avocado slotted between the softer, pillowy bread. Luscious as it sounds, the signature sweet potato fries definitely has added vibrancy to this set!

DSC_0325And there we ended this big meal with some of the classic cakes such as the moist, spongy red velvet that is intercalated with layers of substantial decadent cream cheese and topped with pomegranate relish while the Gula melaka glazed tea cake pairs beautifully with a cup of coffee.

DSC_0322And their new creation – a ball of thick caramel ice cream with fluffy steamed cakes that are coated with a toasted sweet crust which feels like an intriguing hybrid between a polo bun and steamed cake actually. Very satisfying for the sweet tooth, this should not be taken lightly!

This newly revamped menu has definitely hit the right notes as its dishes could hardly be faulted (Maybe if they could go easy slightly on the sweetness of the chocolate and cheesecakes, but then again some at the table love such richness and decadence). And from the various dishes, they have evidently surfaced a very strong ‘element’ of balance as their underlying cooking principle which I greatly adore!

Thanks Janet for the invitation!

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