Skinny Salads – Healthy greens made delicious!

Skinny Salads

100AM mall near Tanjong Pagar MRT

IMG_7945Now CBD folks and Weight watchers, a new vibrant Salad stop has been launched at 100AM mall, right smack in the centre of the Tanjong Pagar region – Skinny Salads (which is the sister restaurant of Skinny Pizza, just in case you may be wondering the similarity in their branding).

IMG_7946Their funky, fashionable yet freshly squashed juices are already looking so energetic, that it’s hard to not expect a lip-smacking, healthy meal from this bistro. My favourite – ‘Pick me up’, that has the favourite cholesterol-balancing beetroot blended together with sweet apples and the refreshing mint is helpful in keeping your senses awake after a monotonous busy morning. $5 each except for it’s pearfect ($5.50) maybe due to its perfection.

Skinny Salad-001And if you are still doubtful of a filling salad lunch, you could opt for the more filling Wraps which are flavourful yet still yielding a balanced meal. Almost the entire fleet of wraps was ordered that night and you would realise a pattern that the wraps were meticulously made to fit the healthy theme, namely tomato and spinach infused wraps are used. Most were delectable and tasted healthy while two of them stood out more for me.

IMG_7950With so many different spices, flavours and textures amalgamated in this humble wrap, the Coconut & Turmeric chicken did not taste confusing at all. In fact, I adore the seamless combination of the slightly spicier kimchi aioli that helps to cut through the creamier, denser yet fragrant coconut and turmeric glazed chicken fillings. And the tofu added in it has made it fun to eat with a more exciting blend of textures. BUT, if you are one who’s afraid of the earthy taste yielded from bean sprouts, then this may not be your kind of wraps. $8.50.IMG_7955The Slow-cooked lamb shoulder was another outstanding wrap as it is filled with the shredded lamb meat lusciously dressed in the creamy mint-yoghurt dressing. And the feta cheese added completes the Middle Eastern twist. $9.50.

Skinny SaladAnd another navy of salads was ferociously ordered after the warm wraps.

IMG_7965Japanese fans or Asian salad lovers would expectedly be able to relate better to this bowl of hearty fermented cabbage & yuzu. Dressed in the spicy zesty yuzu sauce and topped with the omega-rich chia seeds, the fermented cabbage, together with the crunchy enoki mushrooms may be a perfect start before the wraps. $11.50.

IMG_7970Roasted Roots & Goat cheese – Roasted baby beets, parsnip, shallots, baby carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, peas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pine nuts, italian parsley, cos letuce, radicchio, herb dressing etc etc etc yada yada. And why I love this dish; simply because a generous amount of fluffy, queer tasting but addictive goat cheese was added that helps to flavour all the greens in it. $11.50.

IMG_7967Perhaps the most photogenic salad, is the Kale & Quinoa; like what its name suggests, is full of superfood and extremely well balanced with its lively colours! $11.50.

And if you need some proteins in your greens, top up $3 and you have a choice of salmon, tuna, lamb shoulder or roast chicken! A really vibrant dinner at Skinny Salads which aims to emphasize on a healthy yet delectable meal!

Thank you Janet for hosting such a wonderful meal!


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