My Little Spanish Place – A little place with a big taste for the family!

My Little Spanish Place

619 Bukit Timah Road, next to Hwa Chong Institution

DSC_0332Aptly termed as My Little Spanish Place, this smaller yet comfortable restaurant is located in one of my favourite areas – the idyllic Bukit Timah area that is literally next to my alma mater, just perfect for a slower-paced Sunday Brunch.

Described as the perfect place for a ‘meson’ (home restaurant’) experience, the parents were indeed really satisfied after the lip-smacking meal which managed to settle their huge Spanish cravings, perhaps till the next month. The amicable restaurant manager Anthony (right in the background), made this an even more enjoyable lunch with his easy explanations. Since this was brunch and not wanting to miss the tapas, a good selection of Spanish classics, tapas and brunch plates were ordered!

DSC_0333The beautiful cured meats on display are definitely worth the shot!

DSC_0305The traditional Tortilla is one that I will never miss out whenever I’m at a Spanish restaurant due to my penchant for eggs! These fluffy, dense omelette has slices of moist and soft potatoes and onions intercalated within which gives it its slightly sweeter taste. Simple and good, I am always right when I stick to the traditional! $8.

DSC_0309Gambas al Ajillo – This pan of fresh shrimp though was traditionally cooked in garlic and chilli pepper; slightly deviates from most other restaurants with its wetter rendition, more like a broth. Despite so, it was still a hit for us as we tried to soak up the slightly spicy, flavourful sauce with the bread. $16.

DSC_0307The Jamon stuffed creamy croquettes were lightly fried to a beautiful golden brown hue that created a strong contrast with its creamier savoury fillings. $12.


DSC_0324Introduced as the Spiciest dish in the restaurant by Anthony, these chunky black mussels are bathed in an intense, spicy seafood broth. Too much broth to go to waste, then don’t be shy and request for another serving of bread for you to soak that umami-packed broth up! $22

DSC_0318Hamburguesas – One of the seemingly outstanding mains from the brunch menu, these mini but fat juicy beef burgers are made complete with the cameralised onions and stretchy cheese. Together with the lightly pan fried crusty buns, these minions would keep punching on the umami section of your tastebuds. $18.


DSC_0330And I must be mad if I skip the Paella in a Spanish restaurant as that really is my favourite back in Spain. Tossed with the zesty lemon juice, the comforting House Paella, filled with a generous serving of black mussels, intensely-flavourful chorizo, fresh prawns and tender chicken was simply delectable! $49. Not a single grain of mushy rice was left untouched as we scrapped all out even those that were stuck to the walls of the pan.


DSC_0344Well well, this less photogenic dessert was the one that stole our hearts for this lunch actually! The Meringue Milk ice cream (homemade cinnamon and lemon zest) was perfectly paired with the sweet, alcoholic Pedro Ximenez dessert wine as both their tastes manage to fuse beautifully together. Definitely an epitome of an impeccable dessert. $12.


DSC_0349The doughy churros, sprinkled with cinnamon rounded up the meal adequately with the decadent warm chocolate and vanilla ice cream by the side! $14.

A humble restaurant with a big, hearty taste indeed, My Little Spanish Place has secured a space in my heart with its welcoming family experience. Nothing much out of the box or contemporary over here, this unpretentious restaurant really aims to serve traditional food at its best quality which is what I adore at for most better restaurants! Two days of Spanish in a row, but I am loving it as much!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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