Sum’s Kitchen 深记 – Good roast duck with the HK/London standard!

Sum’s Kitchen 深记

3 Jalan Legundi; Take the Sembawang Shopping Centre Shuttle bus from Sembawang or Yishun MRT and alight at the shopping centre. The restaurant is just opposite.

DSC_0304The crave for a good plate of Roast duck has increasingly been getting stronger, especially so when big established names such as Four Seasons London has hit the headlines recently on its first Singapore Branch at Capitol Piazza. Though it was the initial plan to flock over to that newly opened restaurant (as the UK gang had fond memories of its original outlet), we decided to give it some time to iron out some of its teething problems after reading the more dismal reviews.

DSC_0305Sum’s Kitchen, as highly recommended by the colleagues, indeed hit all the right notes for its roast, at least for our Roast duck ($20 for half) and Char Siew ($8 for small). Beautifully glazed with a thin layer of natural fragrant oil yielded through long hours of roasting of its underlying fats, these chunky pieces of red meat were absolutely delectable. Most would judge a duck with its skin and this is assured spot on with a smoky charred fragrance. Having a huge penchant for char siu, this generous plate of well-caramelised pieces of pork were wiped out within minutes.

DSC_0308The Pepper salt fried calamari makes a good comfort food, especially so when springy fresh calamari slices are used for the dish.

DSC_0310And the soothing bowl of chinese spinach with century egg was prepared in an eggy, light yet flavourful broth that makes it equally compatible with just a bowl of rice.

DSC_0306A must-blog I felt, the ginger spring onion mash condiment at the side is definitely worth trying as its lightly oilier base is able to pull out the organic fragrance from the ginger and spring onions. Chemistry in action here yeah. But anyhow, it tasted perfect even as a topping for the bowl of rice.

Traditional and with a largely Cantonese-speaking crew, the chef has brought to the Northwest of Singapore a super affordable yet lip-smacking Cantonese cuisine! Don’t miss the roasts as they are THE signatures. To avoid disappointment, it would be advisable to book your duck in advance!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.


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