Lime Deli – Super wallet friendly Mediterranean for the CBD crowd!

Lime Deli

Telok Ayer Station Exit B

DSC_0303Splashed chiefly in white and yellow, Lime Deli does indeed serve vibrant Mediterranean dishes, most importantly at super reasonable prices for the CBD lunch crowd. Lying closer to the Greek palates, Mediterranean cuisine could perhaps be more aptly described as a massive fusion of a wide variety of cultures spanning across the region of the Mediterranean Sea. Though less common in Singapore, such cuisine is definitely amenable to the Sg palates or rather the more international Telok Ayer Working crowd. And that does explain its fast table-turnaround rates.

DSC_0305Jerk Chicken marinated overnight in Jamaican Jerk Seasoning with rice & Peas and Okra Spinach in coconut cream. Seemingly a healthy dish, the chargrilled chicken is really tender and its Jerk BBQ sauce, goes perfectly well with the healthier, well-separated rice grains fragranted with kidney beans. $13.DSC_0310

DSC_0314 Wow, this Jerk Beef Burger has a fat juicy piece of 180g grilled beef patty residing within the nearly carcinogenic bun that is luckily still edible with a crusty crunch. The Lime Deli Jerk Sauce drizzled over it gave this burger the kick and addiction with its spiciness. $14. The sweet potato mash must be one of the smoothest mash that I’ve ever had that ironically wasn’t overly sweet like a dessert, I like.

DSC_0317Greedy as we were always, we got the curry Goat Wrap for sharing. Definitely make a filling choice for the famish, this was still a hearty main though not the favourite.

I guess that’s what Lime Deli is all about, where straightforward but hearty-portioned Mediterranean food is served that would not leave you disappointed!

Verdict: A good bistro!


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