Nemuro Hanamaru 回転寿司 根室花まる – Chuttoro Nigiri for just 300 yen?! And hamburger sushi served?!

回転寿司 根室花まる

Kitte 5F Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 2-chome

DSC_0305It was a slightly longer than 30min wait but at least the queue was moving and so we decided to brave the waiting time on a hungry Friday night here! Nemuro Hanamaru 根室花まる has clearly morphed into one of the more popular Sushi chains in Japan after Midori Sushi has swept across Tokyo as they serve pretty decent Sushi plates at extraordinary prices. How it works here is that the prices of the sushi are indicated by the colour plates they are on.

DSC_0306And once you got your seat seated around the chefs, you would be immersed in the exuding enthusiasm of these chefs as they make an effort to banter with the customers with their hourly new creations!

DSC_0313The chuttoro nigiri was an immediate order with its wicked pricing of about 300 yen for two. Never would you be able to get such pricing anywhere else for a middle fatty tuna slab. Thick and succulent as they may look, they can never be compared to the michelin equivalent that are well-marbled with fats to give a natural melt. Then again, I wouldn’t have asked for more at 300 yen!


DSC_0322The Salmon toro with quail egg was another creative sushi to have as it invigorates you with the heavily packed proteins from the raw quail egg while its yolk combines flawlessly with the chopped salmon to give it a creamy sensation.Tokyo Kyoto 2015Many other sushi plates were conveniently lifted off the conveyor belt and tasted pretty decent (some not shown in the collage).

DSC_0326The hamburger sushi, initially thought to be like a mini hamburger slider, was actually a slab of well-torched steak patty placed on top of the shari. Fusion as it may seem, I actually enjoy the simple umami taste from this sushi with its heavy tasting bbq sauce!

DSC_0324The cheese roll, has also satisfied me with its well-curdled milkiness within!

DSC_0328Nope, this wasn’t eaten but they looked like a pair of alien sushi that has descended onto planet earth!

Notice that the price for each plate wasn’t mentioned as you really do not have to be concerned of your budget when you are here. We just grabbed as much as we could and it only added up to 3000 yen for 2 of us, that is less than $18 for each! But of course, not saying that everything is delicious and spot on as it will definitely not satisfy a Michelin aficionado with its less refined taste. Its creed: to serve sushi that definitely has surpassed its value!


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