L’atelier de Joel Robuchon Patisserie – Exotic bakes over here with extraordinary sweets! 

L’atelier de Joel Robuchon

Near Roppongi station 

Even though L’atelier Robuchon has lost its second star for their branch in London (which must have taken a toll on the chef with skies crashing down), its popularity as one of the to-go french restaurants in Asia remains. With so many branches over Asia, spanning from Tokyo, Hong KongSingapore and Taiwan, L’atelier Robuchon does indeed have made a presence here.

Robuchon wasn’t in the food itinerary for this Japan trip, but the intended restaurant near it was and when we stumbled upon this charismatic restaurant and patisserie, we were sucked into it.   Some exotic savoury sandwiches first! These luscious mushroom and peas sandwiches definitely have all they take to deserve a 500 yen price tag! If not for the heavier lunch we had, buying these savouries would have been a no-brainer.  Some of the pastries gotten include this crusty, brittle tart topped with only sweet strawberries that are beautifully glazed! Delicious!

     I guess no one could have ever rejected this cute heart shape imprinted sweet

And the other pastries that we had though were not featured in this post were spot on! Put aside your rationality as I strongly believe that you could let your instincts and emotions get the better of you over here as every bake should be impeccable!

Verdict: An excellent patisserie

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