Shunbou 旬房 – A wondrous bento lunch at Tokyo Grand Hyatt without emptying the bank

Shunbou 旬房

Grand Hyatt Hotel near Roppongi Station 六本木

DSC_0511If you still remember the last post on Omborato at Hyatt Regency Tokyo, then you will realise that in the top of the top hotels in Tokyo, there are actually very affordable fine-dining restaurants present for lunch. This time, it is Shunbou 旬房 that was discovered (or well, more correctly recommended by dairycream). Despite being housed in Tokyo Grand Hyatt Hotel, it wasn’t as easy as we thought we could navigate as you have to awkwardly meander past some other restaurants before arriving at its doorstep. Not to worry as the waitress at the other restaurants will gladly bring you to Shunbou!

DSC_0516Sat down, and my eyes went straight for the 旬彩 – that has the Kanji 三段弁当 written in the description, that means a three tier bento lunch set for ¥5300. Have seen it in dairy’s review and that was why this restaurant was marked for this trip!

DSC_0513 DSC_0514Separate starters and appetisers are included in this set. This spinach infused tofu still remained as smooth and tasted marvelous when eaten chilled!  

DSC_0525Lets check out what are really in the three tiers! As a basic description, everything was spot on. What I particularly adore from this first tier was the slightly sourish seaweed that helps to refresh the palates constantly while you feast on the heavier tasting fried yam at the corner and asparagus ham buritto while the Konyaku at the side added more textures to this set.

DSC_0523The second tier presented a really well-grilled salmon piece that is still oozing with omega three fatty oil within while the slices of pork were grilled to a sweet fragrance!

DSC_0522And sitting in the last tier was potato croquette with sweet cream within, a contrast in flavour that surprisingly didn’t clash in taste but accentuated the creaminess of the mashed potato. In addition to that, a well stewed Oden set with all the healthy ingredient!

DSC_0530And that’s the overview of the set which was apparently carefully thought through, all coming together to form a balanced, beautiful bento set with heaps of variety, that is simply. irresistable.

DSC_0528Other sets were available too and L got the ¥3800 set with a Maguro bowl. You get to choose your toppings on your rice bowl. One look at these lusciously red maguro slices, and you will know that they are from the higher grades! This is not their cheapest lunch set as there are two more (cheaper ones) – ¥1800, ¥2800.

shunbouAnd that’s the delicious Shunbou 旬房 restaurant from Grand Hyatt Hotel which wouldn’t pull your wallet apart if you were to visit it for lunch! (I kinda like the silhouette in the background.)

Verdict: An excellent restaurant

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