Fukujuen 福寿園 – Matcha Specialty restaurant, with the outstanding Matcha Creme Brulee

Fukujuen 福寿園

Near Shijo 四条 Metro

DSC_0591And so I got to the land of Kyoto after an enjoyable ride on the seamless 2h shinkansen from Tokyo (Yes, it’s my very first time to this ancient city even though it’s the 6th time to Japan). The biggest dichotomy between both cities – their ridiculously vast contrast in modernity. While Tokyo seems to be the city of the future, Kyoto seems to have been arrested in time since the meiji period. Everywhere you go, the quaint lovely old towns are so well-preserved and they are literally found a stone thrown away from the city centre. Forgo the trains as the best mode of transport I reckon would be your legs, that led me to walk/march 5-7km daily soaking myself in the sunny yet breezy weather.

DSC_0589 Fukujuen

And together with its long history, the origin of incorporating Matcha into Japanese desserts could perhaps be found nowhere else but here. A testament to Kyoto-ians love for matcha could be found even at the metro stations, just before you tap your card in as you would see Matcha pop-up stalls selling pretty upmarket Matcha desserts. The search this time was to an ancient Matcha dessert place that is yet still able to keep itself current and modern – Fukujuen 福寿園. Located conveniently in the heart of Kyoto along the busier streets, this place only opens till 7pm and there were only the two of us when we arrived at 6 (I guess that should be dinner timing).


DSC_0600Not wanting to stuff ourselves before dinner, we got the Matcha chiffon cake that is one of the fluffiest cakes that I’ve ever had, emanating a light but distinct matcha fragrance upon every biteEmbellished with light matcha cream and some playful colours, I actually thought a darker and more bitter matcha cream would make this even MORE spectacular. ¥1188.DSC_0598And the Matcha Creme Brulee was the star of that evening as the thick layer of decadent Matcha mousse beneath the brittle caramelised layer stood out greatly with its intense Matcha flavours, made even creamier by the vanilla ice cream. The bitter but refreshing Matcha jelly cubes by the side serve to balance out all the flavours. Very good take on a Matcha Creme Brulee! ¥1131.

Yes, this Matcha Sweet restaurant is definitely highly recommended and branded as a more upmarket Matcha place, service was absolutely stupendous!

Verdict: An excellent Matcha restaurant.

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