London Fat Duck – So popular that they ran out of duck by 8pm

London Fat Duck

Scotts Square near Orchard MRT

London fat duck2As much as you may hope it to be, unfortunately, London Fat Duck is pretty much of a misnomer as it is not from any of the famous duck chains in London (Four Seasons, Pearl Liang, HKK etc). Rather, its ducks are imported from the UK and being raised in the cooler Northern Hemisphere of this globe, the ducks are naturally fatter; all motivated by the local demand for the fattiest roast duck.

London fat duck DSC_0768

DSC_0766But it really does seem to be the case, that the fatter the duck, the better a roast you get as they get cooked in their own fats to yield an even crispier and more fragrant skin. Feeling smug that I’ve beaten the queue (but S and I also woke up earlier for it), half a duck at $26 was ordered without hesitation. While the skin was impeccably aromatic, slightly reminiscent of my favourite Yat Lok Roast Goose restaurant, the heaps and heaps of fats underneath were however slightly unwelcomeDon’t get me wrong as this is still a good plate of roast duck with its tender meat, but I personally do not like it to be drenched in such heavy grease. A once in a while indulge would be fine, but this would not do well as a weekly event for all duck lovers out there lest you are in a rush to clog up your arteries.


DSC_0760Besides being famous for their duck, the other signatures were spot on as well, especially so for their Black pepper Duck Snow Skin Buns, the first ever in Sg or maybe even the world. $4.80. Thinly crusted with a flaky sweet top and filled with moist peppery duck bits, these grey buns will definitely rise to stardom.

DSC_0762Not willing to give up on my favourite Char Siew, this char siew fan was ordered at $7.80. Two eye-catching items in this dish – the really tender, moist and thick pieces of char siew together with the adequately sweet savoury dark sauce drizzled over it. And surprisingly, fat isn’t playing the lead role over here as it consists mainly of the edible lean meat. And if you can’t get enough of the 7 to 8 slices of char siew here, then go for the $14 Char Siew Roast.

DSC_0769And to complete the HK experience for their customers, the Wanton Soup was just delicious! Very well packed with succulent prawns, each wanton tasted really substantial and satisfying! $8.

You could feel that London Fat Duck does strive to provide the best service to their customers but being really new, service was a little patchy as they do not seem to have the capacity to cope with the endless crowd and during the 1h+ lunch, we managed to witness various feedbacks from the customers. Food is pretty good here though and I would recommend coming here earlier to have a smoother service and also not to miss out their signatures as their duck got sold out during dinner time (as reported from the colleague who left there feeling disappointed).

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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