eX cafe (イクスカフェ)京都嵐山本店 – Matcha Carbonara was way too good! That’s what I call the perfect cafe.

eX cafe (イクスカフェ)京都嵐山本店

Saga Arashiyama JR station

DSC_0653The arashiyama 嵐山 area in Kyoto is definitely a must visit for both its magnificent scenic nature walks and crazily old picturesque streets. Definitely touristy with its alluring rustic charm, it would be very much regrettable if such a mainstream area is avoided by the cynic tourist. And lucky for the foodie traveler, as this interesting area also has marvelous restaurants and even cafes to pair with itone of which the eX cafe イクスカフェ.

DSC_0643 DSC_0646

DSC_0642Cha Soba Cabonara – this must be my first soba cabonara and could perhaps be one of the most memorable ones. Soaked in the thick, robust, creamy sauce, these springy soba noodles were perfect for a mega slurp! Much attention will be paid to the sauce for its frothiness seems to enhance its fragrance by adding a bit of ‘fluffiness’ in it. Mixed together with the golden raw yolk, this bowl of umami pack rich soba carbonara was just indescribably heavenly. And I think I tasted some intriguing matcha flavouring in the sauce as well, constituting to an even more exciting bowl. ¥1060.

DSC_0650 DSC_0649

DSC_0651Simple dessert but very beautifully plated, these Kuromaru matcha rolls くろまる抹茶 were made so photogenic with the artistic splashing of the sugar syrup in the background. Most importantly, these captivating black sponge, so fluffy and soft, is filled with a substantial amount of smooth matcha cream that will end your meal perfectly. And if you fancy, you could pair it with the lightly sweetened chestnut cream by the side! ¥790. 

This is definitely a good spot for a brief stopover before you continue with your leisure walk in the arashiyama area! What’s more, armed with different flavours, the Kuromaru rolls are up for take away at the counter at a much lower price of ¥1200!

Verdict: An excellent cafe

DSC_0667And this, my favourite, is one of the many must-visit areas in the Arashiyama region – the meandering mystical bamboo grove!

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