Wan Hao 万豪軒 – $68 weekend brunch, 5 course set-lunch with an unlimited dim sum!

Wan Hao 万豪軒

Marriott Hotel Tangs near Orchard MRT

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A father’s day lunch aptly celebrated at the classy (though not entirely with its less than perfect service) and spacious Wan Hao 万豪軒 Marriott Hotel. And another lovely restaurant for a delicious dim sum feast discovered; Wan Hao has curated quite a few menus for different occasions and the satisfying Exquisite dim sum brunch was chosen! Priced at $68 per person, you could customise your set lunch with 5 delectable courses from the many different sections ranging from the appetisers, soup, seafood to the Noodles, rice and dessert (Note: You could choose more than one item from the same section) before diving into the unlimited dim sum section! Well lets take a look at the more elegant courses first before the highlights from the dim sum menu.

DSC_0763 DSC_0770

DSC_0760Double boiled soup shouldn’t be glossed over over as an avid Cantonese fan. Thick and smooth, the slightly viscous soup was evidently boiled for hours with the gelatinous Sea Cucumber and together with the luscious scallop, fish maw and chicken, this bowl of double boiled chicken soup was just impeccably nourishing.

DSC_0766Not having enough of the dried seafood, we got the unique crispy sea cucumber that tasted so succulent on the inside and fragrantly crispy on the outside! Never have we had such a rendition of sea cucumber before! And drizzling it over with the abalone sauce helps to further lift its taste! 

DSC_0761 DSC_0765The braised Australian abalone though was just a meagre slice, had the perfect consistency of a higher grade abalone! And the perfectly steamed cod fish was chunky and well-penetrated with a milky fragrance. Topped with two slices of Yunnan Ham, this was added to strengthen its savouriness.

DSC_0764A very fragrant broth this steamed lobster is immersed in, its seasoning actually uncannily smells a little like that of a good packet of maggie mee. Slightly weird but addictively fragrant nevertheless. The Garlic lobster was unfortunately slightly overdone and looks withered. It was still good but could not supercede the superlative one at Yan Ting 宴庭.

DSC_0773 DSC_0771Not getting enough of our lobster-ish meal, we continued with the indulgence in the Lobster broth poached rice. Light but still tasting flavourful, the fresh lobster broth tasted even more fragrant with the literally deep fried crunchy rice! This broth though was enjoyed, could be even more concentrated I felt by reducing it a little further.  

DSC_0774And the last carbs that we got – Ee-fu noodles with fresh shredded crab meat that has a strong scent of wok hei associated with the evenly fried noodles. Very delicious plate over here that highly justifies this bowl of carbs!

DSC_0756Next, lets now dive into the long awaited dim sum menu and by just merely reading from it, my hunch was right that these two are the best of the lot! One of them – The steamed scallop dumpling was each substantially packed with a succulent piece of scallop and its seasoning and marination was so addictive that a second basket was ordered at the end of the meal again!

DSC_0755 DSC_0758And the other was this absolutely super fluffy polo char siu bao that had a very fragrant, crispy buttery top; stuffed with an adequate amount of savoury char siu in it! And when we wanted another serving of it at the end of the meal, it was sold out! argh! So get as many as you can the moment you are seated!

DSC_0775And so because we couldn’t get our hands on the wicked polo char siu bun, we decided to give the fatty Char Siu Sou a go! And that perfectly flaky pastry melts quickly in your mouth while the pork floss topping gives it an extra punch. Wan Hao 万豪 really knows how to make their Char siu!

DSC_0768 DSC_0776

Their prawn dim sum were expectedly succulent, especially so for the cheung fen as they were really huge and its redness is beaming through the translucent skin.

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We did walk away happily with a satisfied tummy and it really is one of the more delightful Cantonese restaurants despite the patchy service as they seemed to be short staffed; great ambiance as well!

Verdict: A good restaurant


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