Iyemon Salon Cafe Lounge 伊右衛門サロン – stating it as an affordable lunch would be definitely be an understatement!

Iyemon Salon Cafe Lounge 伊右衛門サロン

80 Ogura-cho, Karasuma Nishiiru, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku | Chiso Bdg 1F, Kyoto 604-8166, Kyoto Prefecture, Near Karasumaoike station

DSC_0680When I mention about Cafe hopping in Japan, it may seem a little out of place with the inundation of so many traditional Japanese restaurants that serve from polished kaiseki sets to sushi that may make you feel as if you haven’t had a good sushi before this. But Cafe hopping has so far been outstanding in Japan (Well, it’s hard to hit a less inspiring restaurant anyway over here in Japan) and the other cafe visited during this trip in Kyoto, Iyemon Salon Cafe Lounge 伊右衛門サロン, though slightly squeezed out of the top 100 places (rated 105 out of 7000+ restaurants in Kyoto by tripadvisor) but still in the top 5% of restaurants, would be a highly recommended cafe for both breakfast and lunch. Having an industrial backdrop with the uncovered pipes running along the corners of the walls and a super spacious interior, this cafe does indeed feel really comfortable without the usual claustrophobia that one would have to put up with at any cafe in Sg. Thumbs up for the atmosphere already and more praises for the food as we read on…

DSC_0685 DSC_0683

DSC_0687Priced at just ¥900 for a lunch set, stating it as an affordable lunch would definitely be an understatement as its quality has far surpassed its value! Basking thoroughly in the subtlety of the appetiser, the black seaweed with lotus and clams would have whetted your appetite greatly already with its quiet savoury taste. The juicy horse mackerel on the other hand, armed with a layer of thick crispy skin, was brilliantly accompanied with a rich tomato base that has clam bits in it; providing a light sourish tang with great savouriness. While the ponzu-sauced salad makes this entire meal even more refreshing! 

DSC_0691 DSC_0690

DSC_0689Alright, I was alone that day as S had to teach his Japanese kids English, but that did not stop me from having two desserts at one go which I regretted later on as the servings for desserts were actually quite huge! The Matcha Fromage, is perhaps the only dessert that I need someone to share with! Caution: You need to be a huge cheese lover to be able to down this on your own as its deceptive fluffiness is actually packed heavily with cheese. Definitely a special dessert for the first time!

DSC_0693Super dense, smooth and chocolatey, this decadent chocolate sponge was the preferred dessert!


A great classy ambiance together with an insanely well-priced lunch set and dessert, what else could I say except for a highly recommended visit to Iyemon Salon Cafe if you are in the vicinity!

Verdict: A good cafe.

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